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so that the grace bestowed in abundance may bring greater
 glory to God because they who give thanks are many."

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Feedback and Blessings:  


Prayer in Motion has been blessed to receive these wonderful comments from our participants:

  • "Janene did a fabulous job making us all feel comfortable during our prayer experiences as she led our recent women's retreat.  And she did a wonderful job including the elderly and those with disabililties that were not able to get up and move around.  Many were brought to tears.  The experience was peaceful, joyful, and restful.  What a great start to the Lenten season!" 
    - Susan Weyland, Faith Formation Coordinator, St. Kieran Parish, Shelby Township, MI


  • “Janene gave the most wonderful presentation at our parish.  Her unique style of prayer truly touched the hearts of all who were at our retreat on change following the merger of our two churches – some even to tears.  I have had requests to have her come back and I know that I will.  Prayer in Motion is such a gift to those who seek to hear God in an intimate and personal way.”

    - Mary Quick, Director of Faith Formation, St. John the Baptist, Monroe, MI

  • "I participated in a Prayer in Motion program that provided a morning of renewal and refreshment for catechetical leaders. The guided prayer and soft motions opened a new path to prayer for me. I wanted to offer this experience for our RCIA candidates. I liked that Janene worked with me to tailor the program to the needs of the candidates. At the end of the evening, all of the candidates shared with me how meaningful this time was for them. Janene combined scripture and motions to create unique pathways to prayer that touched my heart and also the other participants.  I would recommend Prayer in Motion if you are looking to provide a special retreat or prayer experience for any ministry."
    Susan Campbell, Director of Faith Formation, St. Sebastian Parish, Dearborn Heights, MI

  • "Our Lenten series was truly blessed by Janene's testimony and her prayer experience.  Our parishioners gained deep peace, calm and healing by the evening.   I would love to plan a longer retreat day in the future to continue to grow in prayer as a parish community."
    - Kim Kaye-Small, Director of Religious Education, St. Casimir Parish, Lansing, MI

  • "Janene Ternes from Prayer in Motion was incredible with our young people.  She led a retreat

    for our 7-12 graders called “Youth Advance, Unexpected Encounters with God.”  She was compassionate as the leader and fun!  Our young people really enjoyed the prayer with

    movement! Janene had them rocking the place!  Thanks Janene for being loving and caring with our young people!"

    - Beth Dake, Director of Faith Formation, St. Philip Neri Parish, Reed City, MI

  • "We have had Janene Ternes, Prayer in Motion, at St. Joseph Shrine several times over the years - to present to children, teens, and adults.  She has always been enthusiastic, professional, adaptable and creative and she shares an inspiring story.  Whatever the occasion, theme or budget, Janene has been able to gear her presentation to it.  She does an excellent job."
    Diane Dover, Pastoral Associate, Director of Faith Formation, St. Joseph Shrine, Brooklyn, MI
  • "Janene awakens for people new possibilities for prayer, new awareness of God with us, God within us. Her gentleness, understanding of the various needs of people, and committed faith touch people at all places and spaces on the journey of faith."

    - Janet Schaeffler, OP, Author, facilitator of retreats, parish missions & workshops

  • “Janene Ternes has been a presenter and Retreat Director at Weber Retreat and Conference Center for several years.  Her spirituality, style and  gentle, creative spirit is well received by those participating in her retreats and reflection days.  Janene’s ability to engage participants with her presentations and contemplative nature is inspiring.”

    - Peg O'Flynn, OP, Director, Weber Retreat & Conference Center, Adrian, MI

  • “I found the experience deeply thought provoking and it had an incredible ability to lead me into prayer.  The journaling with the prayer in motion helped me to apply God’s word to my lived experience.  Also, from the stand point of finding new ways to lead young people into God’s presence, this style of active yet reflective prayer certainly could help many teens to do that.”   
    -Patrick Rinker, Offices of Youth, Young Adult & Campus Ministry, Diocese of Lansing, MI   
  • “Exploring our feelings through music and prayerful movement is an inward journey to deeper knowing of ourselves and God.  Janene’s gentle and prayerful guidance leaves you feeling free and able to give yourself to God; spirit, mind and body.”
    -Marian Love, Director, Lay Spiritual Formation, Aquinas Institute of Theology, St. Louis, MO
  • “Janene brings our retreatants to a deeper experience of prayer.  She assists the mind and heart to connect in an energizing manner.  Many moments of the sacred are captured during our time together.” 
    -Mary Tardif, former Program Administrator, St. Francis Retreat Center, DeWitt, MI  
  •  “Members of St. Lucy Parish found Prayer in Motion a creative and inspiring approach to prayer.  Two thumbs up!”
    -Mary Ann Przybysz, former Pastoral Minister for Adult Faith Formation, St. Lucy Parish, St. Clair Shores, MI
  • “Prayer in Motion deepened my understanding of prayer as it led me to interpret and express my thoughts through gestures and movement.  My prayer then became a visible, personal action of honoring God.”
    -Pat Doyle, Retreat Participant, Roseville, MI

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