"As a deer yearns for running streams, so I yearn for you, my God."
(Psalm 42:1 NJB) 







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     Janene Ternes, Director
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Janene washes the feet of a classmate symbolizing
her call to serve others in the ministry of spiritual direction.



Spiritual direction is holy listening, an opportunity to leave the noise and confusion of daily life behind for an hour or so every few weeks and listen deeply to God.  Janene is blessed to companion several people of various denominations as they seek a more intimate relationship with God.  She provides an open, loving, and confidential environment in which to share your unique faith journey. 

Through prayer, reflective listening and gentle companioning, Janene helps you recognize God’s presence within and around you.  In doing so you are able to develop a more personal relationship with God which in turn can bring you into a deeper level of prayer.  Through more reflective prayer you are better able to discern God’s movement within you and around you and God’s call to live out your faith in the context of everyday life.   Since God touches all areas of your life, all aspects are appropriate for discussion in a spiritual direction relationship. 

Spiritual direction differs from counseling because it is built on prayer and spiritual intimacy and its focus is on relationship with God rather than problem solving.  As we come to know God more fully, we come to know ourselves better as well.  Often with attentive listening we begin to hear the answers that we search for emerge from deep within us. 

The call to seek spiritual direction is initiated by God.  We need only be attentive to the still, small voice within us to hear it.  The call comes sometimes as a yearning to know God better or to understand our purpose.  Sometimes it focuses on discerning God’s will for us at certain critical periods in our life.  At times it may be a vague feeling of emptiness within us, a desire for inner peace or a closer relationship with God. 

If you are feeling a nudge to explore spiritual direction further please contact me.


Janene is trained to companion people in the Spiritual Exercises, a program of meditations, prayers, considerations and contemplative practices created by St. Ignatius of Loyola.  Rooted in Scripture, these Exercises were originally designed to be made over a period of 30 consecutive days while on silent retreat away from home.  More practically they may be made in the course of daily life during a period of several months while living at home.  The Exercises generally begin in September and end in approximately May in order to align with the liturgical year.  A commitment of an hour of daily prayer and weekly meetings with a director are important to realize the full benefits of the Exercises. 

The Exercises are divided into 4 sections - God’s unconditional love/our sin, our call to discipleship, God’s ultimate expression of love, and our call to love as God does.  Through extensive prayer and meetings with a director one comes to know themselves and God more fully and become more free.  If you’d like more information about the Spiritual Exercises, please contact me.


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