"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer."
(Romans 12:12NIV) 







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     Janene Ternes, Director
   Prayer in Motion, LLC
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Cognitively Impaired Retreats


Columbiere Retreat Center, Clarkston

Retreat for the Cognitively Impaired


We are one!

Come for the weekend and participate in drama, song, stories, and crafts designed to provide experiential learning around the concepts that we are family and help one another.  Based on the Scriptures of the Good Samaritan and the 4 Men and the Mat, we will share our stories of giving and receiving help.  Enjoy meals with your friends and a dance on Saturday night.   


Facilitator:  Janene Ternes, Spiritual Director and founder of Prayer in Motion, LLC will present a breakout session using contemporary Christian and popular music to reinforce the concepts of leaning on and being family to each other.   




Skyline Conference Center, Almont

Alcoholic’s Anonymous 4th & 5th Step Women’s Weekend Retreat


In Step 4 we take a searching, thorough and honest moral inventory of ourselves.  In Step 5 we bring these things we have discovered into the light of day by admitting them to another person and our Higher Power.  Using music and movements specifically for this purpose, we will prayerfully reflect on our findings with our Higher Power, asking for the wisdom and courage to see all that we should see and to know that God walks with us.  Great relief and freedom can be found in owning our flaws and bringing them before our Higher Power.

Prison Ministry


Camp Valley, Women’s Huron Valley Correctional Facility, Ypsilanti

Parental Enrichment Program


Healing, Forgiveness and Love

As a part of a Parental Enrichment Program generously funded by the REJ Foundation, women in prison meet weekly to gain insight into incarceration’s impact on themselves and their children.  Through testimony, Scripture, guided reflection, movement prayer and sharing, we will experience recognition of areas in our lives where forgiveness is needed and where we are being asked to forgive.  Through Prayer in Motion we will have the opportunity for healing and increased openness to the love of God.


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