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September 25, 2003

'Prayer In Motion' offered by new business

Janene Ternes, owner of Prayer in Motion, has announced the opening of her new business that teaches personal prayer through movement.

"Praying through movement is a powerful way to experience your connection with God," explains Ternes. "The movement acts as a mantra, the music opens the heart, and the words reinforce the message. All of these aspects serve to awaken your ability to express your deepest feelings in prayer.

Prayer in Motion offers introductory presentations, weekly program series, half-day, full day and weekend workshops. All offerings are designed to include all levels of physical ability. Because the focus is on prayer, one's dancing ability is inconsequential. Ternes conducts scripture based programs for adults, seniors, teens and youth, and holds a speciality program for grief as well.

"Exploring our feelings though music and prayerful movement is an inward journey to deeper knowing of ourselves and God," states Marion Love, co-director of the Ignation Spiritual Direction Program at Manresa Jesuit Retreat House in Bloomfield Hills. "Janene's gentle and prayerful guidance leaves you feelings free and able to give yourself to God; spirit, mind and body."

To set up a workshop, call Janene at 429-7754 or contact her by e-mail at PrayerInMotionJT@aol.com


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