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June 23, 2006


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JANENE TERNES leads a prayer during the one-day program at St. Mary Church in Chelsea.

They mixed prayer, movement

CHELSEA — Pat Rinker was the lone man at St. Mary Church on Friday, April 28, for the one-day program, "Praying with Body, Mind and Spirit: Nourishing Your Soul."

with our bodies can provide a fuller experience of God's presence," said Ternes, a member of St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Ann Arbor. "After all, we are more than just our minds and spirits.

"It was a little sad to be the only man present," said Rinker, diocesan director of youth and young adult ministry. "I hope it isn't because men could not relate to this style of prayer. We all need to take some time to set aside to reflect and this experience certainly helped me to do that."

Pat Rinker

Janene Ternes

God clearly thought our physical beings to be worthwhile enough to send Jesus to us in the flesh." The group started with their eyes closed doing simple arm movements to Vince Ambrosetti's song, "Heal Me, Yahweh."

The event, sponsored by Professional Pastoral Ministers Association, was billed as a day of quiet reflection, journaling and movement-oriented prayer aimed at refreshing one's spirit. "I found the experience deeply thought-provoking," said Rinker, "and it had an incredible ability to lead me into prayer. The journaling with the prayer in motion helped me to apply God's word to my lived experience." The 35 participants ranged in age from 8 to 88 and came from the Diocese of Lansing, Detroit and Massachusetts — one guest even traveled that far as a respite from chemotherapy. They were led by Janene Ternes of Prayer in Motion, a ministry formed in 2003 to teach personal prayer using movement and music to people of all ages. "It stands to reason that praying

"It was really amazing to me to watch the transition from being seated with our eyes closed for the first prayer-song and to watch us move around the room for the last songs," said PPMA Chairperson Linda Brown. "Janene was very skilled in bringing us out of our shells and involving everyone. I felt that the Spirit was with us as we reflected on Scripture, journaled our personal thoughts and listened to some great artists vocalize their thoughts and finally moved to the power of the songs themselves." Rinker said he picked up new ideas. "From the standpoint of finding new ways to lead young people into God's presence," he said, "this style of active yet reflective prayer certainly could help many teens to do that." To find out more about Prayer in Motion, visit www.prayer-in-motion.com or e-mail prayerinmotionJT@aol. com or call (734) 429-7754.


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