"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer."
(Romans 12:12NIV) 







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Providing encounter opportunities, customized around your theme or any of the following:


Adult Themes

Being Mary in a Martha World
With Martha and Mary as your guides, find the quiet center that connects you to God and then let it empower you in your daily life of service.

Change and transition

Using the Paschal Mystery as your template, process the changes in your life.  Through prayer experiences that lead you to reflect on Christ’s Presence with you, you will be more able to embrace your changed life. 


Engaging Aging

Regardless of your age, celebrate the gift of your life and open yourself to hear God's exciting invitation for the future.  Includes optional drawing of your life story.  


Finding Peace, Being Peace

Find peace within you to bring to the world around you. Includes various prayer experiences aimed at experiencing peacefulness.



Reflect on your life and your world and recognize all that you have to be thankful for and see God as the source of it. Works well as a Gratitude tea.


Journey to the Heart of Mercy

Reflect on God's mercy in your life and how you are called to live a life of mercy. 


Listening to God

Overcome the noise and distractions that disturb your prayer to hear how God is speaking to you


Living in the Light

Be inspired and refreshed as you explore the Source of your hope and light.

Nourishing your soul
Connect more deeply with God and become refreshed and renewed in body and spirit 

Pray All Ways

There are many ways to pray, because our prayer represents our unique response to God.  Gain tools for your spiritual journey by experiencing a variety of prayer modalities, including guided meditation, journaling, movement prayer, Lectio Divina and centering prayer. 


Single Women, Abundant Life

Whether single for life, or a season, God has a unique love and purpose for single women.  Accompanied by great single women of the Bible, reflect on your life and God's purpose for, and presence with, you.


Spiritual Health

Learn about the cornerstones of spiritual health - Eucharist, Scripture, Prayer, and Community, and participate in a variety of prayer experiences designed to refresh your spirit and provide tools to enrich your spiritual journey throughout the coming year.   



Seasonal Themes



Presence and Presents - Identify and receive the true gifts of Christmas through reflection and a variety of prayer experiences using Scripture and music of the season.  May include Adoration if you choose.


Waiting for Jesus - Get back on track with the real preparations for Christmas as you use Scripture and music of the season to journey through the events leading up to the birth of Christ. 



Draw Near - Journey with Christ closer to the Father using Scripture and music of the season


Forgive Us our Trespasses - Experience prayer that opens you to God's healing freedom which, through God's grace, can enable you to forgive yourself and others 


Preparing for the Easter Vigil - RCIA retreat with Scripture, various forms of prayer, reflection & rituals


Remain in Me - Based on John 4:15, stay connected with Jesus through undistracted prayer and reflection on Scripture and music of the season

Inter-generational Themes

Experiencing the Mass
Interactive session that engages and teaches about the Mass using music and movement

Praying as a Family

Learn the Who-What-When-Where-Why of praying as a family and participate in a variety of prayer forms such as Intercessory Prayer, Memorized Prayer, Movement Prayer, Praying with the Saints, Journaling, Guided Scripture Reflection, Lectio Divina, and Contemplative Prayer, suitable for families of all ages. 


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