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As 2016 begins, I give thanks for all God's gifts in this past year... 
"From his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace."   John 1:16
Prayer in Motion, LLC Newsletter             2015 Year End
Thanks for sharing another incredible year with me!  2015 marked the 12th anniversary of Prayer in Motion, as well as other significant milestones in my personal and professional life.  I truly appreciate your prayers and support which have carried me on the journey.  
St. Thomas Aquinas
The Gift of Work

I traveled far and wide this past year, from Grand Rapids to Whitehouse Ohio and Adrian, to Shelby Township, Lansing and Memphis (MI) and many parts in between, to provide Prayer in Motion programs and retreats.  Too bad I don't get "frequent driver" miles as I would have earned a trip across the country by now! In those journeys I was blessed to be able to minister to people of all ages and in a variety of situations --- a First Communion retreat at St. Clement of Rome in Romeo, a middle/high school youth retreat at St. Philip Neri in Reed City, world religion classes at Gabriel Richard High School in Riverview, first through eighth grade religious education classes at St. Sebastian in Dearborn Heights, an inter-generational evening at St. Thomas Aquinas in East Lansing, an afternoon of reflection for seniors at St. Mary Magdalen in Brighton, a retreat day for the Christian service coordinators of the Archdiocese of Detroit, and so much more. I truly love my work! It is NEVER boring!  

I created a new retreat for single women at the request of Lial Renewal Center in Whitehouse, Ohio this year.  What an incredible day that was!  I'm not sure who was more blessed - the women who participated, or me.  The Holy Spirit was so present and did some amazing healing. Later in the year I facilitated the same retreat at Christ Church Spirituality Center in Grosse Pointe Farms with more remarkable results.  For me, though, the pinnacle of this past year was the keynote I gave on Friday night for the Catholic Women's Conference in the Lansing Diocese. I was asked to give my testimony, which I love to share, followed by small breakout sessions of Prayer in Motion.  It was the first time I've been on a large stage with professional lighting, technical people and a countdown clock which tracks the time you have left to speak. The whole set-up was incredibly intimidating, which gave God the opportunity to really shine as He carried me through this, despite my trepidation, without a hitch.  It was almost like I was watching myself speak, not knowing where the words were coming from.  I kept thinking "Wow, that was good - who said that?!"  Following my testimony many women came up to talk with me, moved by the Spirit by what I had said. I love it when I get to see God working through me!  It reminds me why I do this work, as well as who really is doing the work after all.  
While my spiritual direction work may not bring so much limelight, I treasure the one-on-one time I spend companioning people at so many stages of their spiritual journey.  It is a joy to witness the healing and self discovery as they ultimately come to know God's presence and guidance in their lives more intimately.  I am blessed to be able to meet with directees in a beautiful room at St. Francis, which has become an oasis for many.  
The Gift of Health

I continue to struggle with some lingering health issues from the jaw surgery I had in 2011 and meningitis in 2013, but by the grace of God I have been able to maintain the schedule necessary to create, travel to and facilitate all the scheduled programs and retreats and to be present to my spiritual direction clients. While far from life threatening, I continue to deal with a lot of tooth and nerve pain, dizziness, eye difficulties and headaches nearly every day.  During the year I visited my dentist, endodontist, periodontist, orthodontist, surgeon, chiropractor, and ear, nose and throat and sinus specialists who tried to find answers to the sometimes unbearable tooth pain. Since August I have seen my optometrist 20 times, trying to get a pair of glasses that doesn't make me feel sick in open areas.  I joke that it is a good thing I am self-employed as any other employer would have fired me by now for missing so much work!  Fortunately God is more patient and even makes up for the lost time, somehow enabling me to get the work done in less time or giving me the energy to work late into the night.  I am fortunate God gave me the resiliency to keep going and not dwell on my situation, so much so that most people don't even know I am not feeling well. I realize that many have it much worse than I, so I give thanks for that and continue on, trusting in God's time all will be well.    

Steve takes Riley upstairs.
In addition to my health travails, Riley managed to skewer herself on a steel post while we were visiting a neighbor when she decided to jump over the fence surrounding their garden.  There were a few anxious trips to the Emergency Veterinary Hospital in Ann Arbor and then a couple of weeks of challenging recovery time.  Riley was put on complete rest for 2 weeks, not allowed to run, climb stairs or jump. Anyone who knows her, knows how difficult it was to keep her that calm.  She wore my neighbor's kids' T-shirts to keep her from licking her stitches, but also had to wear the 
Riley in her cone & t-shirt.
dreaded cone, and be confined to a small cage when I wasn't around.  My dear neighbor, Steve, came morning and night to carry her up and down the stairs for me, and his wife, Sandy, came over to dog sit and administer medications when I needed to be gone for longer periods of time.  I truly felt supported through the whole ordeal, God's personal care for me, delivered through others.  Restored to full health, I am so grateful for her boundless energy and enthusiasm, which I had previously taken for granted.  
The Gift of Everlasting Life

Bill Ternes
2015 was a year of farewells, beginning in March with the death of my brother-in-law, Don's brother, Bill, after a valiant battle with liver cancer.  Don and Bill were business partners at Great Copy for 20 years.  I ended a vacation in Florida prematurely to attend his funeral which was fortunately in the Detroit area, since he was brought to U of M for treatment from out of state. 
In May my sister-in-law's father, Ben, died.  He lived a good, long life into his 90's, was such a kind man and part of my family for many,many years.  He was a father, grandfather and great-grandfather (G.G.) to many and is sorely missed.  
Ben Clarke & Grandson Chris


Jay Earle


Then in July, my sister Judy's husband, Jay, died in Georgia, after nearly a year- long battle with esophageal cancer.  I was in the midst of directing a 5-day silent retreat but headed down there as soon as it ended, to be with my sister. Together with my other sister, Jan, we planned his funeral and helped out as we could. We returned again in August for the funeral.  I couldn't help but feel that part of the reason I was led to leave my part time position at St. Francis a month earlier, was to be available for this.  It seemed like confirmation of my decision.  

Harry Jessop
In November my uncle Harry died after a long illness.  My cousin Bruce came back from California many years ago to care for him and his sister who have both been in extended care facilities for quite some time. Another example of God's love and faithfulness provided through another.  

While this has been a year of loss from my life, thankfully the faith we have tells us there is more.  We shall all be reunited one day.  Without this hope, and promise, all this would be devastating. But instead, I give thanks for God's plan and look forward to being together again.  
The Gift of Family & Friends
Mom Ternes - Dec 25, 2015

As illness and death have a way of reminding us, life here on earth is short and fragile.  After entering a new decade myself, my desire is to spend more time with loved ones, family and friends who are so dear.  I have had lots of wonderful, fulfilling time with those I love this year. Top among them are regular visits to my mother-in-law who is every bit a mother to me.  She fell, hit her head and fractured a couple of ribs this fall, so has needed some special attention for a few months, but is doing better every
Abigail's piano concert
day.  It has been a real blessing to be able to care 
for her as she has spent so much of her life caring for  others,  Sadly though, I
Nathan's Confirmation
 can't cook for her nearly as well as she has done so for me!

I have had lots of fun times with my siblings and am especially blessed by being able to take part in my nieces' and nephews' and their children's lives.  They are all the children and grandchildren I never had.  It has been a joy to attend their concerts, plays, sports, and other events.  A special relationship has developed between my great nephew, Nathan, and I during the process of helping him prepare for Confirmation this past June, as I had the honor of being his sponsor.  When I look at these children, I am encouraged that the future of our world is in good hands. What a gift that God has created them so wonderfully! 
Meredith at her gymnastics meet
Cooper plays the drums
Cam plays the bass; Chris plays the violin

Mid-Year 2015


I hope you are enjoying this beautiful, although wet, summer.  As I sit at my computer with the window open and birds chirping nearby, I am again reminded of how blessed I am to be able to work out of my home.  As I look ahead to the 12th anniversary of Prayer in Motion on July 29, it seems a good time to reflect back on the year so far.  So I share with you a few highlights from the first half of 2015...     

January ... Encore
I had another opportunity to dance in the winter show with my tap class from Dance Theatre Studio. This year we performed One from Chorus Line at Washtenaw Community College.  It was less frightening and more fun this year, although I don't think I have much of a stage career ahead of me!   
February ... Lenten Kick Off

I was blessed to conduct an RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) retreat for the West Wayne Vicariate (churches in the Dearborn/Dearborn Heights area) in the Archdiocese of Detroit. As an ending ritual the candidates, catechumens and sponsors washed one another's hands, emulating Jesus' service to the Apostles on Holy Thursday and symbolizing the service they are called to as soon-to-be  Catholics.  It was a holy moment. 

March ... Teens, Tweens and Younger
During one week in March I introduced three different age groups to Prayer in Motion.  I visited a couple of theology classes studying world religions at Gabriel Richard High School in Riverview to give them a new way to pray.  Later that day I facilitated a Lenten retreat with Middle Schoolers at St. Therese of Lisieux in Shelby Township.  Then I returned to the area a few days later to conduct a First Communion retreat for second graders at St. Clement of Rome in Romeo.  The week was filled with lots of driving, lots of energy and lots of beautiful, faith-filled children.
April ... Single Women and Christian Service Retreats
 I facilitated a coupLialSingleWomenApr 2015le of new retreats in April.  The first was an incredibly powerful one for single women.  The Scripture, music and movement opened the women to share at an amazingly intimate level and much healing happened. While the group was diverse in age, race, and situation, they were so unified with one another and the Spirit.  The women continue to correspond with and support one another, and have already planned a reunion for the fall!  If you or someone you know is a single woman and you are interested in attending, I'll be holding another retreat day this fall.  See side-bar for more details.    

Later in April I met with a precious group of Christian Service Coordinators to facilitate a retreat for the Archdiocese of Detroit,  It was a real gift to be able to pour into these people who work so tirelessly with such challenging circumstances.  Again, the participation was wonderful with much joy and sorrow shared.  
May ... Retreat Time
  Spring at Sylvania Hermitage 2015For the 4th year in a row I was blessed to take a silent, directed retreat at the Franciscan Sisters of Sylvania hermitage.  Earlier this year because of scheduling issues, I was treated to amazing beauty in blooming trees, blossoming wild flowers, and newly born wild life, all wondrous signs of God's magnificence.  Accompanied by my faithful spiritual director, Sandy Harding. I once again encountered Jesus in a precious, personal way not possible in the noise of daily life and so necessary for the work I do and life I want to lead.  
June ... Beginnings and Endings

NathanConfirm2015My great nephew, Nathan, was confirmed, marking the beginning of his adult commitment to the Catholic faith.  It was, and still is, my joy to be his sponsor.  Our times of preparation were endearing, as I was able to share my faith with him and witness his precious commitment to God.  The Mass was held at Hill Auditorium, truly an awesome setting, wonderful music and inspiring worship.

A few weeks later, after 8 years in the part time position as Adult Faith Group Coordinator at St. Francis of Assisi Parish, I ended my employment with them.  After months of discernment I really felt God calling me to devote more time to my growing spiritual direction and Prayer in Motion ministries, as well as live with a bit less stress in my life.  It was a bittersweet departure as I truly love those I worked with and ministered to.  But since I am still a parishioner there, and use the offices for spiritual direction, I am still very much involved.  I just don't have to plan the parish picnic or organize the small groups!  

I am grateful for the many blessings received so far this year.  I continue to be amazed at the many opportunities God puts before me to share this ministry and the way the Spirit continues to guide me in its day to day operations.  Thank you for all of your support and prayers along the way too.  I couldn't do it without you!  

Prayer in Motion, LLC ... Let the Spirit move you closer! 

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