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Year End 2014

2014 was a year of recovery after several health issues in 2013, including meningitis (twice!), vision problems and knee issues.  I know that many of you have been praying for me so I want to give you a quick update.  After the doctors at Kellogg Eye Center declared that my blurry vision would never be any better, I began seeing Dr. Shannon Roznay at Thrive Wellness Center who put me on natural supplements and an eating plan tailored for my healing.  In 2 months, I saw clearly again and haven't looked back! This gain was followed by improved energy, better sleep, less aches, pains and congestion and as an added bonus, I dropped 3 pant sizes!  And...I didn't get sick at all in 2014!  I continue on the program as we try to relieve the constant pain from the facial nerves that were damaged during my jaw surgery in 2011.  I know that God is the healer, but often works through people such as Dr. Roznay.   


This year, in working on my healing, I have been trying to live a more balanced life.  So in this newsletter, I share with you the work and play of this past year.     

January ... Tea and Tap
Laughter and tears as I tell my story
January began with a couple of firsts!  I was the featured speaker at St. Francis of Assisi's women's tea.  I was surprised at the different dynamic of speaking before so many that I knew personally or had worked with in a different ministry context as part time staff there.  While a little unnerving at the beginning, it turned out to be a delightful afternoon.  
Dream Girls - Bailey Ahles, our patient teacher is in the center
Another scary adventure was my first tap performance with my class from Dance Theatre Studio. We danced on the "big stage" at Washtenaw Community College and lived to tell about it!  Having survived once, I will be doing an encore performance on January 24. Perhaps this year I will manage to smile!   
February ... Francis and Florida
John & Sandy
The pre-Lenten time is always filled with preparations for the small groups I organize at St. Francis - advertising, training facilitators, dividing participants between the groups and writing the discussion questions.  This year was intensified with also organizing grief groups which met during this same time, following a weekend grief workshop facilitated by John & Sandy O'Shaughnessy of Good Mourning Ministry.  I look forward to round two in the coming months.  

Jan & I pose after a waterside lunch
Sandwiched between the preparations and Lent, I managed to get away with my sister Jan to visit my brother-in-law Dave and his wife Kathy at their condo near Ft. Myers. It was a wonderful break from work and that brutal winter we had last year. We're already shopping flights for trip #4.  
March ... Holy Trinity and Hobbies
We draw near to the cross, ready to share our burdens
March was filled with retreats - a very well attended one at Weber Center entitled Being Mary in a Martha World, an RCIA retreat for the West Wayne Vicariate in the Archdiocese of Detroit and my first mission, at Holy Trinity in Ligonier Pennsylvania.  Entitled, Draw Near, we featured different forms of prayer over 3 evenings, including one lively evening for families of the parish.  A real bonus for me was staying with my friend Carol, who I hadn't seen in more than 20 years, which made all the driving worth it!
Jan & I show our pages

Following several weekends of intense work I was happy to get away with my sister, Jan, and niece, Holly, for a relaxing time of scrapbooking.  It is a great hobby, made even better when shared with people I love.

April ... RCIA and Riley
Our closing ritual
On the day before Palm Sunday I facilitated a day long RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) retreat at St.John in Fenton for those who were to be received into the Catholic Church and their sponsors.  We reflected on the readings from the Easter Vigil using various rituals, music, guided reflection, journaling, art, and even managed a little time outdoors admiring nature on a beautiful spring afternoon.  
Sit, Riley!

In April Riley and I began a 6 week dog obedience class.  While she is still far from obedient, she does come when she's called, sits when she feels like it and has stopped dragging me down the street when we go for a walk, so there is hope.  

May ... Prayer and Pathways
                                Prayer and Pathways  were my themes for work and play in May.  I presented a program at the Episcopal Ministry Fair in Lansing entitledPathways to Prayer, during which I taught a variety of ways to pray.  This was my 7th time presenting at this fair, which had led to opportunities to present programs at several Episcopal churches in the area.
Pathways to Jesus


At the end of May I took my annual private retreat at the Franciscan Sisters of Sylvania hermitage.  I walked, danced and prayed along many pathways through the woods, as I encountered Christ so personally in the music, Scripture, and silence of this sacred place.   
June ... Awake and Asleep
Hands extended to one another & God

Near the end of June I was blessed to lead my first week long retreat at Lial Renewal Center. Awake, My Soul! was the theme.  And awakened we were!  Each day we gathered in the morning for prayer with movement around a specific theme for the day.  Afternoons were free for individual prayer using the music of the day and optional spiritual direction.  We gathered at night for sharing and more movement prayer.  There were a few Sisters of Notre Dame at the retreat who were celebrating their Jubilee.  I taught them a dance to do at their Jubilee Celebration, which I was blessed to be able to attend. 

Lots of reading

I was also able to get away with my sister Jan for a week in June to go to my mother-in-law's cottage in Grand Bend, Ontario. Right on Lake Huron, the view is magnificent and the waves just lull you to sleep.  It was a week of walks on the beach, reading many books about St. Francis in search of the next Small Group book for my work at St. Francis, and lots of long naps.

July ... Direction and Dance
Weber walkways
I had another week away at the end of July directing retreats at Weber Center in Adrian.  No music or movement this time, but instead, quiet listening to those on retreat, as well as the Holy Spirit. These times are always intense, but so amazing to watch God bring healing and wholeness to all who commit this time to Him. I'll be directing retreats there again this summer from July 20-24 if you'd like to give it a try.  
In contrast to the quiet, I took a few ballroom dance lessons and learned how to waltz --- not the 1-2-3 box step that most people call waltzing, but the "whirl around the room, wind rushing through my hair" kind of waltzing!    
August ... Truth @ Work and Time Away
In August I began attending a monthly Christian Roundtable Group called Truth @ Work.  Made up of Christians from all denominations and types of businesses, we share a common desire to live our faith in all we do.  The group provides lots of tools and accountability, and has already helped me in goal setting and working on balance in my life.  The only down side is that the meetings begin at 7:30 am in Toledo!
Getting our nails done i

I took another road trip with my sister Jan, this time to visit our sister, Judy, and her husband, Jay, in Georgia.  Our trip got cancelled last year due to my illness, so it was really great to be there. The time together with my sisters is priceless and swimming in the lake right outside their door is pretty nice too. 
September ... Grand Rapids and Gala
Presenting at GR conference
I had an exciting time on September 27.  I am not sure why everything seems to happen at once.  In early spring I submitted a proposal, which was accepted, to exhibit and present at the Diocese of Grand Rapids Parish Ministry and Catechetical Conference. I presented two workshops, one using movement and music to pray with adults and another with children.  The sessions were wall to wall with people and my exhibit drew much interest as they had never seen anything like me up there.  
Mary & I at the Gala
Immediately following my last session, I jumped in the car and drove to an elegant fundraising Gala for Manresa Jesuit Retreat House in Bloomfield Hills, where I was honored to receive their Ignatian Spirituality Award for my Prayer in Motion ministry.  I stopped nearby to change into my party attire and pick up my mother-in-law, Mary, with whom I was blessed to share this occasion.  What a full day!
October ... Networking and Nieces and Nephews
I joined the Spiritual Directors Network, an ad hoc group of spiritual directors in the greater Detroit area from many different religious traditions and trained through a variety of programs.  This has been a wonderful group of spiritually alive people.  In October I presented a Prayer in Motion session to them which was enriched by the insights everyone shared.  
Judy with Meredith and Abigail

Also in October I was thrilled to be asked to attend Nathan, Abigail and Meredith's (my niece Holly and her husband Mike's children) Grandparents and Special Friends Day at St. Francis School.  Since I never had children of my own, whether it is sporting events, concerts, plays or other school events, it is always precious to me to be asked to join in these special times.  
November ... Preschoolers and Preparation
I was invited to present at the MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) Group that meets at St. Luke's in November.  What an amazing, dynamic group of young women - managing home, career and one or more little ones, while growing in faith and managing to bring a homemade dish for the breakfast!  Our world is in fine hands with these ladies.  
Nathan works on his lessons


My great nephew Nathan chose me to be his Confirmation sponsor and we began meeting together in November.  As his spiritual mentor, I share my faith and help him complete lessons which prepare him for his Confirmation in June 2015.  It is a precious time of being able to speak into his life, as well as listen to the depths of his heart and spirit. What an awesome young man!  
December ... Adventure and Advent
Little angels
In addition to the Advent retreats I facilitate at this time of year, I always look forward to
the angel adventure - choreographing, teaching and leading the angels through their dances in the Living Nativity Procession at St. Francis.  It is always unpredictable since I never know how many children will show up and I have only a single 45 minute rehearsal to teach them their dance.  This year we actually have video so you can experience the dances first hand.  If you click on this video link and use the slide bar, you can skip forward to 40.19 to see the older girls (ages 7-10) dance. The little ones (ages 3-6) can be viewed by moving the slider to 48.30.  Each dance is about 2 minutes.  I am dressed in black, laying on the floor behind the pew, coaching them through their moves!  
David Haas
This Advent I was fortunate to be able to attend an Advent retreat, a magnificent day led by legendary composer David Haas at St. Joseph in Dexter.  David Haas is the composer of the song, You are Mine, which was so instrumental in my encounter with Christ.  Through this song my heart was opened to experience God's amazing love for me and my life was totally changed in that moment.  To be sitting 10 feet away from Haas when he played and sang this song was an incredible thrill.  His music and reflections took my Advent beyond the usual greeting cards and gift wrap, to really focus on the birth of Christ.  
What an amazing year this has been.  I thank God for the many ways He continues to watch over and make himself known to me and I thank you for your prayers and support.  This year I ask for your prayers for some family members with serious health challenges - my mother-in-law, Mary, and my sister's husband, Jay.  And I will continue to pray for you.  May 2015 be a wonderful year for you and all you love.  Happy New Year!  

Prayer in Motion, LLC ... Let the Spirit move you closer!

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