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Year End 2013

On this first day of 2014 I share with you the blessings of the past year, of which you were a part.   

January ... The Blessing of Family and Friends
Happy Birthday Kathy!

January began with an awareness of the importance of family and friends and a desire to spend more time with them.  I hosted a birthday dinner for the Ternes family, attended my twin great nephews, Chris and Cam's, 9th birthday party, babysat my niece Holly's children and met various friends for lunch and dinner. Little did I know at this time just how how much I would be depending on these dear people in August.   
February ... The Blessing of Vacation
Jan & I see the sights

For the second year my sister Jan and I were invited to stay at my brother-in-law Dave and his wife Kathy's condo in Ft. Myers.  The timing was perfect to get away from the snow and cold.  I spent a carefree week of great sister time, seeing the sights and soaking in the sun.
When I returned, rested and energized, I co-facilitated a retreat for Women in Midlife at St. Paul of the Cross Retreat Center.  While we have conducted this retreat for several years, the women in attendance always make it a surprisingly different experience where we get to see God at work.  We'll be doing this same retreat again on March 25 if you'd like to join us.  Check the left column of this newsletter for more details. 
March ... The Blessing of New Adventures
Retreatants at Lial
In March I conducted a wonderful retreat at a new retreat center in Whitehouse, Ohio - Lial Renewal Center.  And renewing it was!  We had about as many people as we could fit in their largest room, one person even flying in from Chicago to attend.  I am excited that I have been asked to conduct a week long guided retreat there this coming June. 

And on the personal front, I started taking swing dance lessons.  What great fun!  The lessons are free and followed by a dance that allows us to put into practice what we've just learned, as well as get experience following many styles of swing dancing and meets lots of new people.  Did I mention what great exercise it is too? 
April ... The Blessing of Referrals and Funding
Parish nurses from MI & IN 
My two main retreats in April resulted from referrals by people who had experienced my retreats and recommended me. One was for the Nursing Network of South Western Michigan, held in Portage, and the other for the Sisters of the Living Word, held in Flint.  Conducted one day apart, I put lots of miles on the car!  Both were Easter retreats, filled with reflective as well as joyful time.  Thanks to Maureen Duncan and Maureen O'Reilly for the referrals and to Paula White who worked for several years to secure funding for the nursing retreat.
  And of course, thanks to our Risen Lord for making all of this possible!

I was also blessed to receive a scholarship to attend the regional conference of the American Business Women's Association in April.  Held in Chicago, I traveled and roomed with my long time friend Mary Shindell.  I learned many new sales and marketing ideas to help keep Prayer in Motion thriving.
May ... The Blessing of Dance and Prayer
I have been blessed with 13 years of being able to take dance lessons at Dance Theatre Studio in Ann Arbor.  DTS has been my support, my encouragement, my joy, my exercise, and source of movement ideas as well as family to me.  Every year I am blessed to be able to give back a little and help backstage at their spring recital getting children ages 3 to 18 on and off the stage at the right time with their costumes on correctly. 
Beautiful grounds
At the end of May I returned to the Franciscan hermitage in Sylvania, OH for my own personal silent retreat.  Directed by my dear spiritual director and friend, Sandy Harding, God never fails to reveal Himself to me in love and dance.  It was a peaceful, rejuvenating time of listening and following the Lord - my spiritual New Year!
June ... The Blessing of Riley
Visiting Riley at the hospital  

Riley experienced various digestive issues in June which eventually resulted in a middle of the night trip to the doggie emergency hospital followed by surgery to tack up a fold in her stomach that was plugging the exit from her stomach.  I was so worried about her and my heart melted when I saw her in such pain.  Even though she was full of drugs and barely conscious after the surgery, she still managed to wag the tip of her tail when she heard my voice.  I am so grateful to her vet, Monica Turenne, who determined I needed to take Riley into the hospital and for Dr. Lindsay Ruland, owner of Emergency Veterinary Hospital in Ann Arbor, who did the surgery.  After weeks of giving her medication at all hours, special diets and limited exercise, Riley was better than new and back on the hunt.  Thanks be to God! 
July ... The Blessing of Prayer in Motion, LLC
My siblings at the party:
Jan, Judy, Bud and me
On July 27 I was blessed to celebrate Prayer in Motion's 10th anniversary with many friends and family.  The celebration would not have been possible without all the upfront help from my sister Jan who spent a few days helping me get the house ready and my sister Judy who traveled from Georgia to attend and helped with the food preparation the day of the party.  And of course, the anniversary itself wouldn't have been possible without the Lord's many calls in my life to take dance lessons, to enroll in the spiritual direction program, to pray through dance while on retreat and then eventually to begin my Prayer in Motion ministry.  As many times as I tell the story, it still seems surreal.  But what I do know for sure is that my life would not be what it is now without all that has come before it.  What an amazing life I get to lead, seeing God's presence so tangibly in all my work!  
August ... The Blessing of Health and Help
Just home from the hospital
August was interrupted by a health crisis.  After what seemed like a normal cold, I developed a headache that was unbearable and wouldn't quit.  I called my brother Bud late one night to take me to the hospital.  After nearly 12 hours in the ER and more tests than I could count, they determined I had meningitis.  After a couple days they were able to stabilize the nausea and control the headaches somewhat and discharged me.  Later that week I developed double vision and found myself back in the ER.  More tests determined my optic nerve was damaged from the meningitis which left me unable to see well enough to drive.

During the next weeks I depended on family, friends and neighbors to get my groceries, fix my meals, drive me places, take care of Riley and lift my spirits.  They say you never appreciate what you have until you lose it and I agree.  Basically good health was something I always took for granted.  But not any more.  I thank God every day for my health and His continuing healing presence as I wait for my full vision to be restored.  I also thank God for all the wonderful people in my life that saw me through this time and continue to sustain me even now. 
September ... The Blessing of St. Francis
I am in the somewhat unique position of working at the same place that I worship, St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Ann Arbor.  This part-time position created and offered to me in 2007 by my former pastor, Fr. Jim McDougall, has been a godsend, providing a small, steady income through the inevitable ups and downs of small business ownership.  I am so grateful for the work I am able to do there and all the support of the parish.  Staff and parishioners alike really came to to my aid during my illness, doing parts of my job and even driving me to work and appointments.  Truly a parish family in every sense.  I am so grateful to worship at St. Francis where I find God so present in the homilies, music and care and concern of the people.
October ... The Blessing of New Places and Ideas
St. Thomas Retreat
October brought my first retreat for a church in Indiana.  Referred by one of the nurses who attended my retreat in April, St. Thomas the Apostle in Elkhart, IN wanted a retreat for catechists as well as parish staff, a combination of their own personal retreat as well as ideas for how to use movement prayer with children.  We had a delightful day with quiet introspection and sharing in the morning and up beat, active participation in the afternoon. 

I was also blessed to return to Christ Church Spirituality Center in Grosse Pointe, MI to conduct a new retreat - Pathways to Prayer.  I introduced a sampling of various forms of prayer including guided meditation, journaling, movement prayer, Lexio Divina and centering prayer.  Creating new retreats like these keeps me relying on the Spirit's leading.  
November ... The Blessing of a New Bathroom
Paul gets a first look at the ceiling

Each year since Don died my brother-in-law Paul has given me the best gift possible for my birthday - a day of work.  Usually he does a big list of maintenance and repair projects around my house that I am unable to do.  This year he remodeled my main floor bathroom which hasn't been touched in the 30 years I've lived in this house.  It was a bigger job than expected when he removed the paneling and found no ceiling or wall.  The construction looks great and it's so much brighter.  Now I need to get painting!
December ... The Blessing of Variety
Nativity Angels My life is definitely never boring!  The pace is quick and each day brings a new adventure.  In December I was blessed to work with adults, teens and children within the same week.  I conducted an adult Advent retreat at St. Therese of Lisieux in Lansing that was peaceful and prayerful.  This was followed a few days later by a retreat for St. Colette's youth group in Livonia on the feast of the Immaculate Conception.  Using the theme of Mary's "yes" to reflect on what God might be asking of each of us, I was impressed by the maturity and participation of the youth.  A few days later I choreographed, taught and led two groups of angels and shepherds, ages 5-10, in
the Living Nativity Procession at St. Francis, always a sweet experience.   
I thank God for these and countless other blessings and thank you for your presence and support in my life.  May 2014 be a blessing for you and all you love.  Happy New Year! 

Prayer in Motion, LLC ... Let the Spirit move you closer! 

Spring 2013


I hope you are having a blessed Holy Week and are eagerly anticipating celebrating the Resurrection on Easter Sunday.  As both the Resurrection and Spring bring us new life, so has the first quarter of this new year been full of firsts --- including my upcoming 10 year anniversary!  Read on for the good news ... 

A New Phase of Life
St Paul of the CrossMy first program of the year was at St. Paul of the Cross Retreat Center, a day spent reflecting on and ushering in, the wonderful mid-life phase of our lives.  Some lovely women from various denominations joined me and my nurse friends, Bernie Beach and Kathy Neumann, as they provided information and insights into the physical and emotional changes of mid-life and I took them through a spiritual reflection on the changes thus far in their lives. If you were interested but couldn't attend that day, I am happy to report we have two more dates scheduled in the next twelve months - November 13, 2013 and March 25, 2014. 
A New Retreat Center
Retreatants move towards the Cross, offering all they are to Christ. 

In early March I had the opportunity to conduct a retreat at a new retreat center, Lial Renewal Center, in Whitehouse, Ohio (near Toledo). Aptly named Renewal Center, I felt an amazing sense of being restored as I entered the lovely grounds and facility.  And how the Sisters of Notre Dame who run the center, took care of me that day!  Even as I was giving out to the participants, I had this lovely sense of being renewed.  How the Holy Spirit was present during our retreat time, calling the participants ever deeper and encouraging them to share from their depths with one another.
Renewing our Spirit
Participants feel the contours of their face as they meditate on their creation. 

After nearly 6 years I returned to St. Patrick's in Brighton to present to their women's group, having been at St. Pat's previously as the speaker for the anniversary celebration of their mom's group.  As we gathered during the season of Lent, the women were renewed and nourished by the Holy Spirit as they heard my story and participated in various prayer experiences about God's love.

On a Personal Note...
My winter months have been filled with lots of fun pursuits, although I must say, the b
Jan & I at the beach.
est winter pursuit is getting to warm weather!  I was fortunate to be able to use my brother-in-law, Dave, and his wife Kathy's condo near Ft. Myers, Florida again this year. My sister, Jan, and I were thrilled to soak in the sun on 5 beaches in our 7 days there, as well as visit lots of other sites.  


Holly, Jan and I.
Looking for an indoor pursuit during the cold weather, my sister, Jan, niece, Holly, and I spent a weekend scrap booking in Chelsea.  My goal to get my photos nicely organized in books is not progressing so well since I seem to take more photos than I scrap every year.  Looks like this might have to be a retirement goal!   


Riley continues to be a great joy and the source of much love.  She is the only reason I would be out walking through the neighborhood in subzero temperatures!  After all, who could say "no" to that face?!  While my life is less predictable and my house is not as clean, it is a great trade off for her loving presence. 
In this holiest of weeks, and each and every week following, I wish for you God's most precious gifts of love, peace and joy.   

Prayer in Motion, LLC ... Let the Spirit move you closer!

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