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Year End 2012


In keeping with the 12 days of Christmas, since indeed we are still in the Christmas season, I thought it might be fun to share with you the highlights of the 12 months of Prayer in Motion (and my life!) ... 

1st Month of PIM --- Mass Instruction
I began 2012 with two evenings at St. Kenneth's family religious education sessions.  Their request?  Help the people understand the recent changes to the Mass language and music.  While it may be hard to see from this photo, each evening I had more than 100 people of all ages - from children in strollers to grandparents with walkers.  When we all held hands we touched the sides of the room.  Using the new music and revised wording I took the group through the whole Mass, asking questions and using music and movement to actually embody the Mass.  Besides having a great time, everyone left with a greater sense of what the Mass is all about. 
2nd Month of PIM --- Women in Mid-Life
St Paul of the CrossAfter 5 years of participating in the ever popular Women in Mid-Life Retreat for nurses at St. Paul of the Cross Retreat Center, we broadened our focus to include all women this year - and what a response!  Brain child of Bernie Beach, director of the center, Kathy Neuman and myself, we addressed the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects so unique to women in their middle years.  It was a truly holistic experience in every sense of the word and such a delight to minister to women at this critical stage of life.   Check out the next session coming up January 30 -- details in the left column if you want to join us!
3rd Month of PIM --- Fun in the Sun
Thanks to the generosity of my brother-in-law, Dave, and his wife Kathy, my sister Jan and I enjoyed their condo in the Fort Myers area.  We soaked up the sun at many beaches and visited a variety of attractions in the area, earning the coveted award of "most active visitors" from Kathy's Mom and Dad who winter down there.  It was a great break from the winter blahs in Michigan, enabling me to tackle my Prayer in Motion activities with renewed energy when I returned.
4th Month of PIM --- Help from an Angel
Dollar Sign
With $20,000 in unpaid medical bills from my jaw surgery more than a year ago looming large and getting nowhere except being shuttled between various hospital billing and insurance company departments, I was losing hope and sleep.  Enter Alita Marlow Bluford, angel, business coach and unbeknownst to me, medical billing collections expert!  Through a chance encounter (yeah, right), she began coaching me again.  She lovingly encouraged and prepared me for each phone call, grievance filing and even appearance at the hearing.  The result?  On April 11th, just 2 days after my hearing, they found in my favor, paying even above and beyond what they owed according to their contract.
  Thanks be to God ... and Alita!
5th Month of PIM --- New Life
Riley1 After 8 months without the pitter patter of little feet, a chance listing on Craig's List spotted by my brother-in-law, Paul, resulted in a new addition to my family.  Not particularly well discerned (nor planned for!), her initial few weeks with me were more than challenging.  And since I adopted Riley at 7 months old, she came with more than her share of bad habits.  When I was at the brink of opening the front door to let her go, my business coach put me in touch with an amazing dog trainer, Bob Baker of Guardian Dog Training, who came to my house to restore my sanity.  Riley has taught me patience, reminded me that life is not all about work and helped me shed a few pounds with our speed walks through the neighborhood, not to mention provided lots of companionship and love.
6th Month of PIM --- Remain in Me
John 15:1-11 ... "Remain in me, as I remain in you."  It was a struggle to follow through on the 5 day retreat I had scheduled for myself after such an unproductive month of having a new puppy in my home. But once I arrived at the quaint 2 room hermitage run by the Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania, OH on the campus of Lourdes College, I knew I had made the right choice.  Companioned by my spiritual director, Sandy Harding, who drove over to meet with me daily, I had an awesome time of healing and insight from God.   I spent the entire time meditating (and of course dancing) on the above Scripture.  I left realizing that, among other things, God calls me to fruitfulness, not necessarily productivity, but to do so, I must remain in Him.   
7th Month of PIM --- Happy Anniversary PIM!
July 29 was Prayer in Motion's 9th anniversary!  It is amazing to think about all the adventures God has brought to me through this ministry over these years-- waving palm branches with little ones on Palm Sunday, experiencing the sheer delight of praying through movement by  cognitively challenged adults, using movement to work through forgiveness issues with women in prison, helping the elderly to use whatever faculties they still had left to move in prayer - helping people of all ages awaken to a new way to pray and a new relationship with God.  If you are receiving this newsletter, you have been a part of making this happen.  Thank you!  
8th Month of PIM --- Sister Surprise
sisters Working in conjunction with my sister's step daughters, Lisa and Leslie, and her good friends Mary and Jerry Korte, my sister Jan and I surprised our sister Judy with a 70th birthday party at her home in Georgia.  When we weren't sneaking around preparing for the event we enjoyed lots of great family time swimming, scrapbooking, shopping and eating - my kind of vacation! 
9th Month of PIM --- Have Faith
YearofFaith Contacted on Thursday before a family religious education gathering at my parish that coming Sunday, I was glad I was available to sub for their presenter that was recovering from surgery.  Their request?  Talk about the Year of Faith and prayer.  No problem.  In fact, we not only talked about it, we participated in it - 3 different kinds of prayer - guided imagery, movement and journaling. 
10th Month of PIM --- Organized Chaos
Kids Mission When contacted to do the Kid's Mission at St. Gerard in Lansing, I immediately said "yes".  This was the 4th year I was asked to participate and so I knew from experience how wonderful their children were.  What I wasn't ready for was their request to choreograph a simple processional using streamers for the Mass the next evening.  I worked with about 85 kids (it was hard to count them as they moved all around!) ages 5 - 12.  You can only imagine the endless possibilities for issues with all those children whipping streamers around!  But amazingly enough, there were no injuries and no fooling around, just joyful participation.  Alleluia!
11th Month of PIM --- Engaging Aging
WeberNov2012 A lovely group of women gathered to reflect on their journeys with God at my Engaging Aging retreat at Weber Center.  The diversity made their presence and sharing rich but challenging.  The age range from 40 to more than 90 (with various hearing, talking, walking and other medical issues) kept me on my toes, always in touch with the Spirit's leading for how best to engage these aging angels.  
12th Month of PIM --- Dancing Angels

Nativity Angels It wouldn't be Christmas without preparing the legions of angels participating in the Living Nativity Procession at St. Francis.  I have been blessed to choreograph and teach two dances to the children ages 5-10 for the past 8 years.  Each year I grow in my ability to prepare for the unexpected as well as "go with the flow" and am always blessed by the little ones' sweet surrender to the music and dance.    
As this new year begins, I count my blessings and you are among them!  May 2013 be filled with much love, peace, and joy!  Happy New Year!   

Prayer in Motion, LLC ... Let the Spirit move you closer!

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