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Fall 2010

It hardly seems possible that 4 months have gone by since my last newsletter.  I have been living life in the fast lane since then.  Because my life has been so jam-packed, this is a little longer newsletter than usual but make sure to read to the end and hear all the news ...

Summer Ends and Fall Begins
On my birthday in August I presented atSun Opportunities in the Sun, a day of catechist sessions held at St. Joseph Shrine in Brooklyn.  My enrichment session was held outdoors and we were blessed with gorgeous weather after enduring some intense heat and humidity.  It was especially fun because my sister Judy was visiting from Georgia and attended my program.  From there we went off to celebrate with my other siblings, their spouses, and two generations of nieces and nephews, a wonderful blend of business and pleasure all in a day! 

In early September I was asked to facilitate a staff retreat at Holy Trinity Student Parish in Ypsilanti.  Their entire staff,Holy Trinity Staffa mix of clergy, professional laity and clerical personnel all participated.  It was a precious time of prayer, sharing and growing in community.  In true Catholic style we ended with Mass and a meal!  

At the end of September I was invited to present at a Seniors' Group gathering at St. Aloysius Parish in Detroit.  I knew when I arrived that this was a very special place. I was greeted by a variety of seniors, including Al, the man on the right below.  Each senior was anxious to show me the outreach area they volunteered in - everything from  the free morning coffee shop for the homeless to the group that makes jar candles out St Aloysiusof old Easter candles donated by churches.  The seniors themselves were a diverse mix of people of means as well as the homeless, yet they interacted easily.  While my program was well received and I witnessed the Spirit at work in many of the seniors, I believe I was the one most changed by the whole encounter.  As Al waved and watched me to my car at the end, he pointed to a young man on the street and said, "That's Kenny, he lives in a cardboard box."

October Happenings
I started out the month at Conor O'Neill's, an English pub in downtown Ann Arbor addressing a group of young adults attending Theology on Tap.  My talk Theology on Tapwas on Spirituality in 5 Minutes, finding ways to work God into our busy days.  I couldn't help but recognize myself in the harried young people in front of me wrapped up in career and family, realizing that the very words I was speaking, I so much needed to hear and heed. Funny how God works like that so often in my life!

 Once again I had the opportunity to work with more than 100 K-5th graders at St. Gerard in Lansing as I participated in their Kids Mission.  This year I wSt Gerard Kids Missionent for two nights, the first  was on the theme of  Discipleship - Would you be a friend of Jesus? and the second centered around Mary, The greatest of Jesus' disciples.  Using music and movement our prayer embodied what it meant to follow Christ.  Between the energy of the children and the long drive two nights in a row, needless to say, I slept well! 
November and Beyond
My day retreats are always special for me because the extended time together promotes a wonderful sharing and bonding between the participants.  IChange was blessed to  be invited to return to Christ Church Spirituality Center  in Grosse Pointe Farms to facilitate a retreat on Embracing Change.  I knew the Spirit was at work in a deep way by the hurts and failings that people shared.  These are truly holy moments where I can only sit in silent thanks that God allows me to share in His healing work. 

The week before Thanksgiving I went to Sacred Heart in Grosse Ille to speak at a Harvest Tea.  Much like an Advent Tea, women sponsor a table, bring Harvest Teatheir fine china and dine on fancy desserts and tea.  The theme however, was gratitude.  The beautiful candle-lit gathering space of the church was filled with wonderful women.  It was truly a joyful event of recognizing and celebrating our many God-given gifts. 

Two days after the Harvest Tea I got up at 4:30 am to be at St. Martin Episcopal Church in Detroit to lead a morning of reflection, Nourishing Your Soul.  This tiny total ministry church where there is no paid staff and members provide all services on St Martina volunteer basis, is more like family than church.  On the morning of the retreat the members arrived with crock pots and baked goods in hand, set up the chairs, made the coffee and then settled in to experience what the day would hold.  There was a genuine interest and caring for each and every person there that was precious to behold.  In the photo they leave their burdens at the foot of the cross.   

My Advent Retreat day at Weber Center was a lovely time of preparation for Christmas for everyone, including me!  I so look forward to these Weber Adventquiet times in the busy holiday season.  Many of the people who attended brought either a friend or relative with them which made for a wonderfully loving dynamic of sharing.  One woman had just unexpectedly lost her 24 year old son and two sisters had just buried their father.  It was precious to see how they ministered to each other.  Here we gather around the creche as we anticipate Christ's birth.

Advent wouldn't be complete without my angel adventures, choreographing and teaching dances to the angels in the St. Francis nativity procession.  We had our usual complement of thirty 5-6 year olds and twenty 7-10 year olds that heralded in the birth of Christ.  There were only a few costume crises and many Kodak moments!
On a Personal Note ...
My orthodontic treatment has been progressing nicely and I am anxiously awaiting the next phase of treatment, jaw surgery coming up this TuJaneneABWAConfesday, January 4th.  If all goes well I will be at U of M Hospital over night and then discharged to be cared for at  home.  I must have someone with me 24 X 7 for the first week and am very grateful for my sister Jan using her precious vacation time to be with me through Saturday and then my mother-in-law coming for the remainder of the time.  The doctor tells me my jaw will be wired or rubber banded shut for 4-6 weeks but I am hopeful I'll get time off for good behavior and shorten that!  In the meantime I'm reading recipes for smoothies and soups, dusting off the blender and gathering a variety of foods, utensils and ice packs to help me through the time.  I will begin my 4-6 week medical leave on Tuesday but am hopeful I'll recover before that. Anticipating this much time off has meant many long nights doing my January work during December, which is why many of you haven't heard from me much lately.  I am actually looking forward to the surgery just so I can get some sleep!  I ask for your prayers for a successful surgery and full and speedy recovery. 

The high point of my Christmas celebration was the children's Christmas Eve Mass which I attended with my sisters, brother-in-law, niece and her family.  Their three children were in the procession which made for more Kodak moments.  Sharing Christ's birth with  my family surrounding me was a joyous experience!  I've had great family and friend times during the Christmas holidays, getting together with, talking by phone or corresponding  by mail and email with nearly all the loved ones in my life.MellowChristmas2010  At the right is Mellow's Christmas photo.  This year she donned a poinsettia head dress and went on location to English Gardens for the photo shoot. My sister-in-law Fran took another outstanding photo this year.  My time with Mellow, now closing in on 15 years, has been precious.  Her medication and accupuncture treatments along with daily walks and exercises are keeping her moving and without pain.  There are many ups and downs with an old dog but it is well worth the time and effort for such a precious one in my life. 

On this first day of 2011, and each and every day following, I wish for you God's most precious gifts of love, peace and joy.   

Prayer in Motion, LLC ... Let the Spirit move you!

Summer 2010


It's hard to believe that on July 29th I celebrated the 7 year anniversary of Prayer in Motion, LLC.  Time goes by so quickly!  I have been so blessed to do this great work.  I am eager to share the rest of the good news from these past months with you, so read on...

Episcopal Connections
St_Ignatius_of_LoyolaThe weekend after Easter I was invited to present a workshop at the Episcopal Church Women's Annual Meeting at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.  Women attended from Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri and Michigan. It was a great opportunity to enlarge my circle, which may some day lead to taking Prayer in Motion on the road! 
Also with the Episcopal Church was my participation in their annual Ministry Fair in Lansing.  Thanks to an initial introduction by my friend Ann Putallaz, I have been an invited guest and one of their most popular sessions since the beginnings of Prayer in Motion.  The fair draws both employees and volunteers from the Episcopal churches throughout Michigan as they seek out new offerings for their church.  Because of contacts made this year I will be doing a morning of reflection at St. Martin Episcopal in Detroit in November.
Listening to God
Also after Easter I was blessed to return to the Heart of Jesus Prayer Center (at St. Margaret of Scotland in St. Clair Shores) to hold a retreat day centered on listening to God.  The space was packed with women of all ages earnestly seeking to hear God's voice in their lives.  Whether they were searching for guidance to move forward at key points in their lives or seeking refuge from the noise of the world, all experienced the peace that comes from hearing God's loving voice. 
Summer Retreat Time
St_Ignatius_of_LoyolaI began the retreat season by taking my own private directed retreat at the Capuchin Retreat Center in Washington, Michigan.  It is a lovely retreat center with 95 acres of woods and fields, lots of wild life (and mosquitoes!), and silence.  I was blessed with quiet, peaceful days of rest, renewal, healing and of course some dancing! 

St_Ignatius_of_LoyolaThe day after I returned home,  I sat in the other chair as the director for four lovely women on retreat at Weber Retreat Center.  Although I have been a spiritual director for some time, this was my first experience directing retreats.  I was surprised and blessed by the amount of healing and joy people encountered in their retreat as they took full advantage of a time of silence with the Lord.  All came with burdens and left feeling lighter.  We have already set a date for next year so mark your calendars!  I will be directing summer retreats at Weber again July 18 - 22, 2011. 
On a Personal Note ...
St_Ignatius_of_LoyolaThe beginning of my orthodontic treatment in mid-April was more difficult than I anticipated.  The initial pain was so great that I found myself not sleeping or eating much for a couple of weeks.  That led to a reoccurrence of vertigo which sidelined me for a while.  After meeting with my orthodontist, Dr. Jim McNamara, my treatment plan was changed and I had only the lower brackets put on in early May.  Once I recovered, the upper ones were put on at the end of June.  While eating still presents some challenges, I am doing quite well now.  I have been surprised though at the emotional issues that have come from people's reactions to my appearance, at times sending me back to my days as a tentative teenager.  But I have been blessed to know God's accompaniment in this and been given a much greater appreciation of those with any differences in their appearance. 
St_Ignatius_of_LoyolaI have been enjoying the summer with family and friends.  At the end of June my sister Jan, and of  course Mellow, headed to Hartwell, Georgia to visit our sister Judy and her husband Jay.  We had great family times and lots of relaxation lounging around Lake Hartwell.  Tomorrow Jan, Mellow and I leave for a week on Lake Huron at my mother-in-law's cottage in Grand Bend, Canada, where we'll savor the sun and sand  once more.  While there is plenty of work to keep me home, summer is so short that I am glad to have these getaway opportunities. 
As we continue in these lovely summer days I hope you have many opportunities to savor God's magnificent creation. 

Prayer in Motion, LLC ... Let the Spirit move you!

Spring 2010


Happy Easter and Happy Spring!  New life on all fronts ~ Alleluia!  The first quarter of 2010 has been a good one.  I am eager to share the good news with you!

2010 Begins with a Bang!
I began the new year with an exciting inter-generational program based on the Mass at St. Lucy Parish in St. Clair Shores.  The room was filled with people ranging in age from 5 to nearly 90!  It was amazing to see each engaged in their own way.  There were so many people that there wasn't enough room to walk in a circle as I had planned for one of the songs, so I had to make some quick changes ~ a great problem to have! 

A couple of weeks later I was out at the Capuchin Retreat Center in Washington, MI facilitating my portion of the Women and Mid-Life Conference for nurses. The nurses programs are always an adventure as there are a variety of faith traditions, as well as those potentially not having any religious belief, in the same room. It's a wonderful way to evangelize which continually reminds me that the Holy Spirit is truly the one at work.

The next week the women's Bible study group at First Presbyterian in Farmington Hills invited me to their breakfast meeting to tell my story and then do a program on peace. It was a restful, tranquil time for all.
A Busy, Yet Peaceful, Lent
Lent began with the wonderful opportunity to dance once again in the Ash Wednesday Interfaith Taize' service at First Presbyterian Church in Ann Arbor.  We danced three lovely dances to the meditative music, as well as joined in the singing of many others.  This was my 4th year participating in the service so it really has become comfortable and deeply prayerful. 
After this peaceful beginning, my schedule ramped up for several Lenten programs. I did a lovely Sunday evening of reflection at St. Cyprian in Riverview around the theme of returning to God. Despite the fact that it was scheduled at the same time as the Olympic hockey playoffs, people kept arriving so we kept adding chairs.

The next Saturday I facilitated a day retreat on forgiveness at the Crazy Wisdom Bookstore's Community Room in Ann Arbor. It was such a blessing to see God's unbinding of people from their unforgiveness. Such release and freedom!  
In March there were more Lenten programs, first at St. Aidan in Livonia where I shared my testimony followed by prayer experiences around the theme of continually renewing our faith, just what we are called to do every Lent. 

EmmanuelLutheranBreakfastThen I was off to a women's breakfast at Emmanuel Lutheran in Livonia. Other than having to get up at 4:00am, it was a wonderful time! There was quite a poignant moment for one woman who was 9 months pregnant when we did a prayer based on Psalm 139 using a song called "Before I was Born." I also watched a woman who appeared quite depressed begin to come alive during one of the prayer experiences. Often I don't know what happens with people, but it surely appeared that she was touched deeply by God. My Lenten programs culminated this year at a lovely little church in Dearborn Heights, Christus Victor Lutheran, on Palm Sunday. It was a great time of celebrating Jesus and preparing for the Holy Week ahead.    
On a Personal Note ...
St_Ignatius_of_LoyolaThis first quarter of the year has been filled with many doctor and dental appointments as I evaluate my options for correcting a bite problem. At present only two teeth on each side of my mouth make contact which makes it increasingly more difficult to eat. After much research, thought and prayer, I have decided to pursue orthodontic treatment as well as jaw surgery. It is likely that I will wear braces for two years with the jaw surgery taking place somewhere in the middle. Since I will be out of commission for a while I am hoping to schedule the surgery during the Christmas holidays. More to follow on that. I would appreciate your prayers for the medical professionals involved, as well as myself, as we begin this extensive treatment. I understand it's a great weight loss opportunity!

MellowChristmasOn a more enjoyable note, Mellow, my chocolate lab, turned 14 last month. After a difficult winter she has made an amazing comeback and is truly loving life again. She is back to aging gracefully, thrilled with her new non-vegetarian diet and enthralled with the sights and smells of spring. She continually teaches me the joy of the present moment and unconditional love. 

 As we continue in these Easter days I hope you have much joy, love and new life.

Prayer in Motion, LLC ... Let the Spirit move you!



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