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August - December 2009

I am excited to send you my new Prayer in Motion Newsletter!  This has been my focus for the last

few weeks, getting familiar with the software and transferring my contact information into this new

system.  Once fully implemented it will enable me to send all my email communications in a more

efficient, effective and professional way.  Since I haven’t written since July, I have a few months

to catch you up on.

August 2009 Happenings
I had my busiest August ever with 4 really different programs.  I began with presenting at a Faith and Sharing retreat in Detroit. Much to my surprise attendees included a deaf woman, a blind woman and several severely physically and cognitively impaired participants.  It was challenging to keep the deaf woman in sight so she could copy the movements while verbally explaining all the movements to the blind woman.  Amidst this intense focus I looked over at a tiny woman with cerebral palsy bent over her wheelchair, only able to move one hand.  As I watched her, she struggled to keep her head somewhat upright, while slightly moving her hand to the music, all the while glowing with the brightest smile I have ever seen.  Truly the Holy Spirit was at work in her!  It is a sight I will never forget and likely the most memorable moment of 2009! 
The next day I headed for a youth camp in Oxford being sponsored by the REJ Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping youth whose parents are in prison. I was asked to be the kick off for the camp experience ... before the group had bonded and before the ground rules had been implemented.  With youth ranging in age from 6 to 17 it was likely the hardest I've ever worked!  But gradually the group began to come together, with the angry teenagers who felt somehow deceived at being sent to camp actually helping the little ones determine their left from their right.  Bless God!
Other August programs included a seniors group in Lansing, which once again included a deaf woman and the same blind woman from the retreat earlier in August who couldn't seem to get enough of movement prayer.  I was also blessed to give a retreat at my sister and her husband's church in Georgia.  It was a special experience to tell my story and pray with family members and so many who were dear to them.  One participant called me later in the fall for some coaching on starting a similar ministry at her church in South Carolina. Slowly but surely Prayer in Motion is spreading through the country!  After all this activity I was glad to vacation at my sister and brother-in-law's lovely lake home in Georgia.
September - November 2009 Adventures
St_Ignatius_of_Loyola September brought me a new directee to companion through the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, this time on my own, having completed the training with my mentor Jean last May.  It continues to be an awesome experience of watching God at work.  Additionally I met with 12 other directees for regular spiritual direction and supervised 2 commissioned spiritual directors, as well as one intern who was still in training. My one-on-one work is very precious to me as I get to journey with people through their intimate process of healing. 
October was another busy month, beginning with a retreat for St. Clare Episcopal Church held at a YMCA camp in the Irish Hills.  Located on 1,200 acres, the hardest part was finding the building they were in!  My GPS blew a fuse and I was driving through muddy, rutted roads in the pouring rain, identifying landmarks I passed by over the phone to the person coordinating the retreat as he talked me in.  With little time to spare when I finally arrived and a blazing inferno in the fireplace directly behind where they asked me to stand, I found myself sweating profusely and praying fervently for help!  The Spirit's calm did take over and an amazingly spiritual experience resulted for all those in attendance.  Another highlight for October was a return to St. Joseph Shrine in the Irish Hills to present at their women's retreat.  It was like coming home, such a lovely, welcoming group they were.  Also in October I was asked to present to the class of spiritual direction interns at the Dominican Center as well as a large group of catechists in the Downriver Vicariate of the Archdiocese of Detroit. 
November brought a beautiful retreat on "Hope" at Weber Center.  While attendance was not large, it was a very moving, uplifting experience and an opportunity to prepare many new songs.  It is amazing how many songs have been written about hope lately, clearly something many are struggling with these days.  Another highlight was an Advent Tea at Cana Lutheran on the first Sunday of Advent.  It was a lovely evening that has resulted in an upcoming breakfast program for another church.  I love how that works!
December 2009 Joy
Nativity_Angels In December I held an Advent retreat day at St. Paul of the Cross Retreat Center which included a husband, wife and daughter as well as a mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law which made for some precious family interactions.  As God usually works, it helped me to find my own focus in the Christmas season that had gotten scattered.   I also had the great joy to work with the angels again in the St. Francis Living Nativity Procession. It is a precious yet busy time of choreographing dances for 5-6 year old and 7-10 year old angels complete with halos and wings. Each year something unexpected happens (like last year when the live donkey was standing in the middle of the aisle they were to dance down!).  This year the stairs where they were to complete their dance were occupied by several dozen shepherds that had to be quickly moved over just as the angels arrived.  But Christ was born, alleluia! 
Following the completion of my December programs I got my usual December illness. This year it took the form of a cold/perhaps flu which lasted 3 weeks.  Because of the congestion, my vertigo returned and I struggled with dizziness and some difficulty hearing again for about 6 weeks until I could get in to see the ENT doctor.  Add to this nearly 2 weeks of intestinal difficulties and you can see why my newsletter is later than usual this year!
The New Year ahead holds much promise and opportunity and I am grateful to share it with you.
Prayer in Motion, LLC ... Let the Spirit move you!

July 29, 2009

Dear Family and Friends,
I hope you have been enjoying this wonderful summer!  I was able to get away for a week at the
Ternes family cottage in Canada in early July, as well as experience much of God in nature during
my personal retreat at Capuchin Retreat Center just this past week. I am writing you at this time
of Prayer in Motion, LLC’s 6 year anniversary.  I had the lovely opportunity to commemorate the 5
year mark with many of you last year and God has continued to be so faithful and present during
this past year as well.  Thanks to all of you for your continued love and support throughout this

During this past quarter I presented the last in a series of “Women and Mid-Life” workshops in
conjunction with St. Paul of the Cross Retreat Center.  For two years we have worked together to
provide this vital program on the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of change to nurses
which was accredited by the Michigan Nurses Association.  We are hopeful to renew the program
through the Michigan Holistic Nurses Association and continue presenting more workshops. 
Also at St. Paul of the Cross I held a wonderful retreat day on joy.  Many of those in attendance
came with heavy hearts but all left with a new appreciation for what joy is, having experienced it in
a new way together.   

I also had the great opportunity to be involved in the NCCL (National Conference of Catechetical Leaders) conference in April.  I was chosen to present a poster on praying with movement,
which afforded me the chance to showcase Prayer in Motion as well as make many contacts. 
In addition, I danced with Sr. Kathleen Matz’s Providence Dancers, participating in a couple of
prayer services that week.  I also attended many excellent workshops, learning valuable infor-
mation for my work at St. Francis parish. It was an amazing but exhausting time as I commuted
to Dearborn for 5 days, leaving often before 7am and returning after 10pm.


Building on my contacts with the Archdiocese of Detroit, I was asked to present a program for
the DSCL (Detroit Society of Catechetical Leaders).  It was a real opportunity to share my story
and enable many who work in the church to be refreshed and renewed through movement prayer. 
Also growing are my contacts within the Episcopal Church, thanks to an original referral by long
time friend, Ann Putallaz, to present at their statewide Ministry Fair in 2005.  Each year they
contact me to present and this year I was asked to conduct two sessions because of the interest. 
I smile at how fearful I was about “networking” 6 years ago and how far God has brought me in
realizing this is really all about building relationships, of which He has blessed me with many. 


Another growing relationship has been with the Capuchin Retreat Center.  In June I was asked to
present again to their women’s spirituality group.  This time they requested a program about God
in nature which was held outside.  What a lovely setting, lovely evening and a lovely group of
women who reveled in God’s beauty through Prayer in Motion!  Most intriguing of all was a deaf
woman who attended, participated fully and had a wonderful experience.  This came at the same
time as a contact from someone in charge of the deaf ministry for the Lansing Diocese.  I can only wonder what God has mind in this regard!


Saving the best for last, I am most excited to announce the redesign of my web site by my friend Sherry Perkins, owner of My WebWelder.   It was a gracious gift of self on her part which involved many, many hours of creative and technical energy.  While the old web site has served me well
(many thanks to Eric Puravs who created and has continued to help maintain it since the beginning!),
together Sherry and I have created something that much better portrays who Prayer in Motion has come to be and what we have to offer.  It is full of photos that really capture the essence of praying
with movement.  Please visit my new site at your earliest opportunity.  I’d love to know what you
think about the redesign, as well as of course, anything you might find with it that isn’t working!


While you’re visiting my “new” web site, check out the Upcoming section to see the many
programs I have coming up.  Most immediately I’ll be presenting on Saturday at a Faith and
Sharing Retreat the Archdiocese of Detroit is giving this weekend, inspired by the ministry of
Jean Vanier, founder of L’Arch Communities worldwide.  Then on Sunday I’ll be in Oxford for a
return engagement with the REJ Foundation campers, youth at risk whose mothers are in prison. 
At the end of the month I’ll be visiting my sister Judy and her husband in Georgia, where they have

arranged for me to do a program at their church, Sacred Heart of Hartwell.  I am excited to take

Prayer in Motion out of state again! 


Prayer in Motion, LLC … Let the Spirit move you!




April 16, 2009

Dear Family and Friends,

I hope that you had a blessed Easter!  Mine was much enhanced this year because of leading a wonderful woman through the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius.  Our weekly meetings under the prayerful tutelage of my mentor, Jean McGarty, taught me much and fed me spiritually as I reviewed and re-experienced the powerful moving of the Spirit through her inspired journey. 


January began a little rocky as I dealt with having a leaking water heater replaced, Mellow’s surgery to remove a growth from her eyelid and presenting a session on “Experiencing God in Prayer” at the St. Francis Common Conference – all in the same 24 hour period!  Somehow despite the chaos of my life at that time, along with being up most of the night taking care of Mellow, with the Spirit’s leading I was able to calmly guide participants through various types of prayer and feel God’s peace myself.  It continues to amaze me how God works through my many limitations to accomplish His work.  Not to mention how He always sends me the help when I need it – many thanks to my brother-in-law Paul for the water heater install!


In February I facilitated a middle school girls retreat at Dexter United Methodist.  They had an unbelievable amount of energy while at the same time an amazing insight and ability to speak about their faith, which I have only witnessed in people much older than their early teen years.  It was truly my privilege to spend the day with them.  A couple of weeks later I traveled to Lansing to be with an incredible group of women at St. Gerard’s.  They call themselves the N.E.W. Group – Nurturing Exceptional Women, which seems aptly named.  I have worked with the children at St. Gerard’s a few times and found them to be quite exceptional too.  Truly this is a thriving parish! 


Also in February I conducted a day retreat at Manresa on forgiveness.  This was by far the most awesome retreat I have ever done.  The Spirit was so palpably present as I watched participants work through their hurts and begin the life-changing work of forgiveness.   This was a new program for me and I had been struggling with a way to organize the prayer experiences to lead them through the process of forgiveness.  A casual conversation with my Spiritual Exercises mentor, Jean, led to her lending me a book on forgiveness which turned out to be exactly what I needed to put it all together.  Another amazing gift of the Spirit! 


In early March much of my time and energy was dedicated to my part time work at St. Francis.  After a remarkable weekend at a spiritual direction conference on suffering last fall, I was supported by my pastor to bring the presenter, Richard Hauser, SJ, to speak at our parish.  Coupled with this, I organized small groups to meet during Lent to discuss his book, “Finding God in Troubled Times,” which became our Lenten theme.  Between finding small group facilitators and training for them, getting a reprinting of books that were out of print, organizing the details for the evening he spoke including dinner, childcare and handouts for an unknown number of people who would attend and then getting everyone assigned to the small group they wanted, my St. Francis work quickly overtook all else in my life.  I am happy to say that all went well, many were touched by Fr. Hauser’s words and book, and my life is much calmer now! 


At the end of March, just as I was catching my breath from the St. Francis work, I had the occasion to present at the Michigan Young Adult Conference in Detroit.  It was a combined event between the Archdiocese of Detroit and the Lansing Diocese that provided a wonderful opportunity to get to know several young adults and share their faith journeys. 


Prayer in Motion, LLC … Let the Spirit move you!



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