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December 23, 2004
Dear Family and Friends,
While I had hoped to get this out before Christmas, I will wish you all a somewhat belated, but very Merry Christmas and a truly blessed New Year!  The time since my last newsletter has once again been eventful and full of the workings of the Holy Spirit. 
What an amazing day of watching God at work at my recent workshop at Manresa!  Sixteen women moved through healing of so many issues in their lives.  I watched them grieve their losses, release their burdens and embrace the love of God right before me.  It was truly a holy day for all of us and a real affirmation of my call to this ministry.   Thanks to Fr. Bernie Owens I’m already signed up to conduct another Moving Through the Scriptures workshop at Manresa from 9:30am - 4:30 pm on Saturday, April 23, 2005!  So if you missed this last one and wished you had been there, you’ve got another chance! 
I was also blessed to be able to lead several short praying with movement sessions with a group of 40 or so middle singles in the area hosted by St. Francis.  It was a wonderfully reflective way to begin Advent. 
Thanks to the sponsorship of my home parish, St. Francis of Assisi, I was most fortunate to attend the Common Conference, 3 days of workshops and speakers directed at all Catholics of the Lansing Diocese.  In addition to learning a lot, thanks to Charline List I made many contacts, including the Director of Religious Education and Adult Faith Formation for the Diocese, the Director of Youth Ministry for the Diocese and the editor of Faith Magazine.  I joined the Professional Pastoral Minister’s Association and they started including my workshops on their website.  Visit their website at www.ppma.parishesonline.com. 
The Christian Dance Network has begun rehearsing together in earnest for our upcoming concert on Saturday, February 5th at 7:00 p.m. at Knox Presbyterian Church in Ann Arbor.  It is an amazing evening of “God present through dance” that I would love to share with you all.  I have tickets available at $5.00 per person or $30.00 for the whole family.   Check your calendars and let me know if you’d like me to send you some tickets. 
Also coming up in the new year is a workshop called "Moving Meditation:  Connecting with your Center", which I will conduct at Cottage Retreat House in Jackson from 9:30am – 12:30pm on Saturday, March 19, 2005.  This will be an interfaith program which I am really feeling called to do.  Visit the Upcoming Events section of my website for further information. 
As the year winds to a close I am in the midst of doing various proposals and follow up for many potential programs for the coming year.  With God’s help Prayer in Motion, LLC will continue to grow and flourish in the year ahead and I will have many more opportunities to serve as well as realize the many ways that God has been leading and caring for me as I do His work. 
Prayer in Motion…Let the Spirit move you!

October 19, 2004
Dear Family and Friends,
My monthly newsletters have slowly edged their way into bi-monthly newsletters as my time has become more limited.  Hopefully they will still continue to serve their purpose of keeping you informed of the latest Prayer in Motion happenings as well as sharing the amazing ways God continues to work in my life. 
I have been blessed with several opportunities to share my story and ministry since my last letter.  In early August I spoke at Theology on Tap, hosted by the St. Francis Singles Group at Conor O’Neill’s Pub.  I was most fortunate to have an Ann Arbor News reporter and photographer present to record the event.  Check out the latest article in the Press section of my website to read all about it!  Many, many thanks to Eric Puravs for getting this onto my site after I struggled with it myself for a long time! 
From there I met with several parish nurses at St. John’s Health Center in Sterling Heights and had many interested and enthused participants.  I love those nurses!  Next I was called to work with the Young Professionals Group at St. Mary Student Chapel in Ann Arbor.  I had a large group with nearly 50% men so this added to my many varied experiences.  I am happy to report that all participated fully once they got past their initial terror at the thought of actually moving their bodies in prayer!  I was also very blessed to participate in a women’s retreat at St. Columban’s in Birmingham.  I used many new songs and received wonderfully open participation and sharing.  The Kleenex box was passed among many, always a sign that God is at work. 
Next I continued with adding new experiences to my resume as I worked with the middle school youth group at St. Francis.  Thanks to Stephen Myler for sharing his music with me.  It was just right!  I put together an extremely aerobic program which kept those 12, 13 and 14 year olds moving…as well as gave me a run for my money!  What energy and enthusiasm those young people have!
In addition to all these programs I managed to finally compile all the paperwork necessary for my income taxes.  My dear friend Dave Myler (Myler and Associates, P.C.) gave me a most welcome gift of completing my taxes.  His expertise in finding all the opportunities for deductions secured me a nice refund this year and set the stage for tax reductions in future years.  His wife Debbie had the most wonderful Prayer in Motion T- shirt made for me with my logo on it.  It solicits much interest whenever I wear it – and I feel like someone famous! 
I was also so blessed to have the opportunity to attend the American Business Women’s National Convention in Richmond, Virginia last week.   Thanks to the financial support of the local Ann Arbor chapter (visit their website at http://abwa-maia.org) which paid for my registration and dear friends from the chapter, Sharon, Diane and Mary, who provided financial assistance with transportation, lodging and meals, the trip was affordable.  I attended many seminars on sales and marketing topics and continued to network with other business women and the national headquarters.  I am energized and excited about what the future holds.
Much of my time these past few months has been spent on my health.  After 10 months with vertigo I started a more aggressive approach to getting rid of it.  I began with a chiropractor that put me on vitamin supplements and a high protein, low carbohydrate diet aimed at raising my low blood pressure.  When that failed to make a positive difference I went to my M.D. who diagnosed me as having Meniere’s disease, a condition where fluid builds up in the ear.  He put me on diuretics and a low sodium diet and referred me for several tests.  I continued to worsen as I went through an MRI, and extensive hearing and balance tests.  When I finally saw the specialist he diagnosed me with BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo)…the very same diagnosis as last year!  I was beside myself after all the tests I had been through and expenses incurred only to find out it was nothing new.  However, after reflecting on the alternatives, I realized this was the best of all diagnoses.  The specialist took me off the low sodium diet and diuretics that had been playing havoc with my low blood pressure and sent me to a physical therapist to learn the exercises which help to move the debris out of the ear canal and re-train the vestibular system.  The next day I found myself at St. Lucy’s Church in St. Clair Shores and asked my dear friend Fr. John Esper for healing prayers, finally ready to believe again in God’s power to heal after so many years of doubt following Don’s death.  After an extensive time of sharing and receiving the healing prayers of Fr. John and the small group gathered around me, I left feeling emotionally able to handle whatever came.  Two days later the dizziness began to lift gradually.  I still have times of dizziness but am well on the way to full healing.  Thanks be to God!  And as for the financial outlay in all the unexpected medical bills with a minimal health insurance policy… Thanks to the generosity of my dear mother-in-law and a most unexpected refund check from the University of Michigan Hospital, I am doing just fine.  As I opened the check from U of M, addressed to the estate of Don Ternes (a refund from an overpayment back in 1999!) I heard the words “My grace is sufficient for you.”  And so it is! 
Prayer in Motion…Let the Spirit move you!

August 8, 2004
Dear Family and Friends,
It’s hard to believe that Prayer in Motion, LLC just celebrated its 1 year anniversary on July 29, 2004!  Many, many thanks for all of your support through prayers, encouraging words, contacts and gifts of your time, talent and resources that have carried me through this past year.  It has been truly a grace filled time for me. 
After a wonderful, peace filled retreat at the end of June, life seems to have picked up an even busier pace than before I left.  Hard to believe, I know!  Since returning home I have had a number of programs booked for this fall as well as a few dates I was asked to hold for next year!  First and foremost is a talk I am doing this coming Tuesday, August 10th for the St. Francis Theology on Tap series at Conor O’Neill’s in downtown Ann Arbor.  I will be sharing my faith story and inviting those present to see where God might be calling them in their journey.  Also coming up is a program I am doing for parish nurses through the St. John’s Health System on August 17th.  This will be an opportunity for marketing as well as teaching Prayer in Motion.  I’ve added a couple of programs to October, spending mornings with the St. Columban’s women’s group and at the Cottage Retreat Center in Jackson.  In November I will be working with the early childhood group at St. Blase teaching prayer through movement to three, four and five year olds and their parents.  I am really looking forward to the little ones’ freedom and energy. 
In addition to my marketing efforts I’ve been putting together income and expense statements for the past year and preparing to have my taxes done.  While I am not yet covering my expenses I am pleased by a steady upward trend.  I have been fortunate to secure some part time work with The Phoenix Ensemble and its Executive Director that has helped to fill the gaps this summer.  Check out their website at www.phoenixensemble.com
I continue to struggle with vertigo, now in my eighth month.  Some days are worse than others but I have been fortunate to be able to keep moving.  I have an appointment with a chiropractor that is also a nutritionist so I am hopeful he will shed some light on things. 
As I look back on this past year I can see so many ways that God has been present in my life, in my work and play and most of all through all of you.  Thank you!
Prayer in Motion…Let the Spirit move you!

June 20, 2004

Dear Family and Friends,
Check out my new and improved website at www.prayer-in-motion.com!   Many thanks to Lisa Earle-McLeod (www.forgetperfect.com) for her design and copy suggestions.  Once again Eric Puravs volunteered his time to not only update the website for me, but taught me how to maintain much of the site myself.  What a gift!  Many of the new photos on my website are from the Hosanna 2004 service I participated in last month with Christian Dance Network (http://christiandancenetwork.com).  It was truly an inspirational time to dance in the opening number and then join the many there in worship.   
You will notice a few new coming events listed on my website.  First and foremost, I have a one day workshop scheduled at Manresa on Saturday, November 13, 2004.  This was a real gift from God after I cancelled my June weekend retreat at Manresa due to a low number of people signed up.  Many were interested but unable to attend at such a busy time of year.  So many people helped me through the decision process and emotions resulting from things not working out as planned, especially Marian Love who heard my disappointment, supported me in my decision and handled all the details of the cancellation at Manresa, Fr. Bernie Owens who helped me get a new program on the schedule and my dear mother-in-law and friends Rose and Noraleen who really walked with me through my sense of loss.  Despite the cancelled program it turned out to be a truly blessed time as I felt so loved and supported throughout this process.  In God’s true faithfulness He affirmed my decision with freedom from any sense of despair that could have resulted from this lost opportunity and gave me a real sense of peace as soon as I cancelled it.  During this time I received a lovely note from a past participant who was unaware of this whole situation, along with a check which covered the copy and mailing costs I had incurred to advertise the workshop.  Then I was paid for many of the hours I worked at PhoenixPhest over Memorial weekend which amounted to just about what I would have earned for the weekend retreat.  Then, as if to put the icing on the cake, I called to register to attend a program being sponsored by the Archdiocese of Detroit at The Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament and was told they had to cancel it due to a low response.  I found myself consoling the woman in charge, explaining it was a busy time of year and not to take it personally.  Amazing!  
During the next week I received a phone call from someone planning a program for parish nurses in the Detroit area in August, asking if I could come and present some information on what I have to offer.  I’ll be there!  Then I received an email from a woman who runs a retreat center in Jackson asking me to come and see her facility and meet with her to see if there might be some opportunity to work together.  Both calls were a result of the flyers from the Manresa retreat.  Yet another blessing from that missed opportunity.   I marvel at the grace I continue to receive and how my prayers were not answered as I requested but that I was given something even better. 
The vertigo continues, approaching 6 months now that I have been wrestling with it.  I continue to work, hope and pray for relief while at the same time not letting it stop my daily activities, especially my dancing.  I leave today for a 5 day silent retreat at Holy Family Retreat Center in Harrow, Ontario.   I can only imagine what God has in store for me there!   I would appreciate your prayers for me and my retreat director, Sr. Jacqueline Gusdane, that we may both be guided by the Holy Spirit, wherever that might take us! 
Prayer in Motion…Let the Spirit move you!

May 22, 2004
Dear Family and Friends,
This past month has been spent marketing, marketing, and marketing!  Since my last update letter I have made 79 new contacts in writing, by phone or in person and followed up on 29 of them so far.  Thanks to the wonderful support of my home parish, St. Francis of Assisi, I have a program booked for October with the middle school youth group.  I am excited to work with the energy and enthusiasm of these young people. 
I recently attended the American Business Women’s regional conference in Dayton, being privileged to receive a scholarship from my chapter paying for the registration.   I rode and roomed with two dear friends, Diane Nixon and Mary Shindell, which not only reduced the costs but made the whole adventure more fun.  Together we encouraged one another in our goals and were inspired and enlightened by the speakers and seminars.  I got a lot of practice networking and made many contacts that are helping me get established in many new areas.  Surprisingly while I was gone my vertigo disappeared!  I wasn’t home an hour when the dizziness began again.  Clearly something in my house is causing this.  I had my brother Bud check it out for carbon monoxide and mold, of which there was none.  My next step will be to get my heating ducts vacuumed out, give the place a thorough cleaning and open up the windows!
My spiritual direction continues to increase with two new directees added this month.  Coincidently one of my new directees has been struggling with vertigo for several years.  I’m sure it’s no accident that we are seeing one another!  I am privileged to be companioning nine wonderful people on their faith journeys now. 
Another new opportunity has come to me through my bartering relationship for Alexander lessons.  I am now working with The Phoenix Ensemble, a non-profit organization providing music education and artist resources for Ann Arbor.  Check out their website at www.phoenixensemble.com for information on their upcoming PhoenixPhest! Concert at Kerrytown concert hall next Saturday, May 29 at 7:00 p.m. 
Tomorrow I will be dancing with about 25 adults and children from around the area at Hosanna 2004, an inter-denominational worship service being held at Ypsilanti High School at 5:00 p.m.  We are doing an awesome dance, choreographed by our director, Joan O’Connell and learned in only two short rehearsals.  Clearly the Spirit is moving through her and within all of us participating.   
The rest of my month will be spent in preparation for the weekend retreat I’m holding at Manresa Jesuit Retreat House June 4-6, Praying through Movement.  Thanks to all of you who have helped spread the word.  Please continue to pray for all those considering attending, that they be open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  I have received the most interesting calls from people with various ailments, concerns and areas of their lives in need of healing that are feeling called to attend.  Please pray for me throughout these next two weeks that I might be led to prepare whatever program will help the participants grow closer in their relationship with God.  It is an awesome privilege to be able to participate in this sacred work. 
Prayer in Motion…Let the Spirit move you!

April 18, 2004
Dear Family and Friends,
I had the wonderful opportunity this month to present my program at St. Clare Episcopal Church in Ann Arbor.  What an open, responsive group they were!  My Episcopal connection then led me to attend a great workshop on simplifying our lives given by Sr. Jose Hobday, a Native American Franciscan.  I am still assimilating her vast life-changing wisdom. 
I am happy to report a real resurrection for me on Holy Saturday when my dear friend Sherry Perkins gave me a most precious gift of helping me set marketing goals as well as establish check points for me to report to her on my progress.  Through her insistence and the prayers of many, I finally got “unstuck”. Since then I have been sending out letters to churches, schools and retreat centers and contacting them for follow up.  For all of you who have sent me referrals along the way, I am now in the process of getting in touch with them.   Thank you!   I greatly appreciate all of your help.  Thanks also to Pamela Roberts for sharing her very effective system for keeping track of prospects and scheduling follow ups. 
Unfortunately my vertigo continues.  After 105 days I have learned fairly well how to compensate for the dizziness and am continuing to take 7 dance classes a week.  I am happy to report that after nearly a year the pain in my upper back and shoulder area is gone thanks to the Alexander lessons provided by Reinaldo Couto.  I am hopeful that with continued focus on my exercises, improved nutrition, some “sun therapy” and your continued prayers, I will soon be rid of this! 

Check out the Manresa website, www.manresa-sj.org under the calendar section, for information on my upcoming weekend retreat there, June 4-6.  I am beginning to work on the program which should be awesome…a whole weekend of praying through movement. Wow!!!  I can hardly wait!!
Prayer in Motion…Let the Spirit move you!

March 16, 2004
Dear Family and Friends,
I am excited to announce the completion of my website!  Check it out at: Prayer-in-Motion.com.  As with all websites it is a work in process…new information will be added, outdated information removed and changes made to enhance the form and function.  I am truly indebted to Eric Puravs and Anne-Marie Yim for volunteering to do this and for their creativity, technical ability, faith and professionalism.  It was truly a joy working on this with them
In addition to the website completion, I had an exciting time in the last month doing programs at St. Anastasia and a retreat for caregivers at Manresa Jesuit Retreat House.  I was also privileged to participate in the opening prayer for the Detroit Society of Catechetical Leaders with Joyce Rupp as the featured speaker.  All 200 people in attendance participated freely as I led a prayer through movement to Marty Haugen’s “Song Across the Waters”.  It was truly beautiful.  Thanks to all who leant me music as I tried to find just the right song for the occasion – mom, Sandy Harding, Noraleen Renauer and especially Janelle O’Malley, Music Director at St. Francis, whose song I ultimately chose. 
Other blessings in the month included participating in the Christian Dance Network concert and receiving a wonderful portable stereo from my brother-in-law Paul Ternes when my old one started acting up.  During some challenging times preparing for programs last month I received a well timed letter from my former Girl Scout leader, Irene Polinsky, which was a great source of support.  Other great encouragement came from a new friend and fellow dancer in prayer, Sr. Kathleen Matz, who somehow came in contact with one of my brochures and happened to call just when I needed it.  It is amazing how God works!
I had a lovely trip to Florida, visiting dear friends Teri and Karl Young, which provided the respite I needed from the winter even though the weather wasn’t great.  I did rest and regroup but unfortunately did not recover from the vertigo.  I came home to even worsening symptoms.  After 72 days (but who’s counting?!) I continue to pursue many options for healing.  I am very blessed that Reinaldo Couto, who I see for Alexander technique, has agreed to a bartering arrangement whereby I am organizing his office in exchange for lessons.  I am learning a lot about releasing tension in my body and improving my posture. 
On this the day after the 5th anniversary of Don’s death, I am truly amazed at how far God has brought me, especially considering I was barely on speaking terms with Him 3 years ago!  It seems my life is now filled with wondrous signs of His love and guidance.  Thanks to all of you who continue to be Christ present to me!
Prayer in Motion…Let the Spirit move you!

January 10, 2004

Dear Family & Friends,
I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas season filled with God's love through the gift of family and friends and that your 2004 is off to a great start! 

Amidst the holidays I was blessed to receive 2 new great opportunities.  First, thanks to my backyard neighbors, LeAnn and Larry Elmer spreading the word, I was contacted by a friend of theirs planning a retreat on January 17th for about 50 college women through their campus ministry program.  The retreat is based on the book "Do you Think I'm Beautiful?" which discusses the struggle girls and young women have with wanting to be thought beautiful by the men in their life.  It points to the more important relationship with God and how beautiful we all are in His eyes.  The book has references to dancing with the Lord throughout and I have been asked to come in and facilitate just that.  Wow!  Am I excited to be able to do this!!   Second, thanks to a great reference from another friend, Ann Putallaz, I have been asked to do an introductory presentation with the adult education group at St. Clare's Episcopal Church in March.  Both of these were truly heaven sent as I was home preparing for the holidays and merely answered the phone!  I was also blessed by another directee in December, bringing me to a total of 7 right now, each one uniquely different and bringing me great gifts of the Spirit. 

On the more discouraging side, I woke up this past Monday with vertigo.  Seemingly a reoccurrence of the same symptoms I struggled with for so long last year about this same time.  While I am still functioning, it is not easy.  I am dizzy, nauseous and have upper back pain most of the time

Since Monday I have also had 2 engagements that I was asked to participate in cancelled, a women's wellness retreat in the thumb area in January and a women's fellowship at St. Columbin's on Valentine's Day.  I know this is part of the business, events get cancelled for a variety of reasons, although I do feel somewhat "kicked while I'm down!" 

So I begin this new year with some challenges.  But I am trusting that I am still on the right path and that as I follow where God leads all will be well.  Please keep me in your prayers particularly for the upcoming programs I have this month.  As always I pray that God will send me the people that need to experience this type of prayer through movement and that He also make known to me the best means to reach them. 

Prayer in Motion....Let the Spirit move you!

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