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December 13, 2003

Dear Family & Friends,
I am excited to be writing to you on my new computer...a Pentium 4 with Windows XP....I'll spare you all the details!!! Most importantly I finally have a color printer and a CD burner...both essentials for my business. I am truly indebted to my brother-in-law, Dave Ternes (Crystal Marketing Group), for finding the deal of the century that made this purchase possible even on my limited income. Not only did he do all the research to find me just what I needed at the very best price, but he ordered it from Dell for me and even came over to install the additional memory and set up the hardware. Now that's full service! I was also extremely blessed to have my software installed and all my files transferred from the old computer to the new one by my friend Doug Stitt who came all the way from Cleveland to help me out. He even provided training on Windows XP, not to mention all the system maintenance functions I should have been doing all along but didn't even know about!

Another major accomplishment this month was getting my health insurance coverage set up. With my COBRA benefits completed at the end of this year I was very concerned at the prospect of researching and selecting my own policy. My fears were quickly calmed by Jim Daly, (MML Investors Services, Inc.) a friend and member of my church who immediately emailed me following my mention of health insurance needs in my last monthly update. How's that for an answer to prayers?! He patiently provided many quotes, explaining the pros and cons of each one and helped me reach the best decision for me right now. After looking at my income statement for the year and the costs that lie ahead I got pretty discouraged about my ability to make it financially. Yet it seemed God was calling me to continue to trust. In the midst of my despair I asked for yet another sign of God's faithfulness to me. Within hours I had a directee give me a gift which amounted to the first month's health insurance premium. Enough said!

I am happy to report that my website (Prayer-In-Motion.com) is now under construction by my dear friend Sherry Perkins (www.raindroptherapy.net). We had our initial design meeting last weekend and have lots of great ideas flowing. I have also begun dancing and meeting with Christian Dance Network, a wonderful group of women led by Joan O'Connell whose mission is to teach Christians to embrace dance in personal and corporate worship. It is truly an inspiring and nourishing time for me. Check out their website at www.christiandancenetwork.org.

I was blessed by an additional directee this month, bringing me to a total of 6 right now. My fellow spiritual directors at St. Francis and I conducted a workshop on spirituality in November which helped to spread the word on what spiritual direction is all about. I also conducted another introductory session on praying through movement at a women's retreat at Manresa. It was very well attended with powerful movement of the Spirit present and lots of interest expressed.

I continue to be blessed with such love and support from so many. Thank you! I wish all of you a truly blessed Christmas, filled with all of God's gifts, but most especially His love.

Let the Spirit move you!

November 12, 2003

Dear Family & Friends,
I am reporting in on yet another month of being showered by the gifts of family and friends helping me on this journey. I am the proud recipient of a new logo designed by my dear nephew, Chris Rogers (Little Man Group), a talented artist. He patiently worked with me from the beginnings of a vague idea of what I wanted through to the end result which really captures the spirit of what I do. He designed business cards, stationary and note cards with the creativity that will enable me to be recognized in my marketing efforts. My ever-faithful friend Mary Shindell (Ensure Technologies) once again came forth and redesigned my brochure to include the new logo and layout. My brother-in-law, Bill Ternes (Great Copy Company), did a masterful job of printing everything producing truly professional materials. In the interim another brother-in-law, Jim Ternes, produced mailing labels and business cards on his computer for me to use while everything was being completed. I was also blessed by an hour of free legal advice from attorney Julie Kruze who donates her time through the Ann Arbor Chamber of Commerce to assist new businesses in their startup activities.

After two years of intensive study and practice, I was commissioned this past Saturday as a Spiritual Director at a most beautiful and moving ceremony at Columbiere. The Spirit flowed through me as I presented my prayer through dance, my humble gift of thanks to God, classmates, family and friends. I am ever grateful to my friend Noraleen Renauer for finding me just the right song, even when I refused to admit it for several weeks, and to my dear mentor and friend John Durbin (Dance Theatre Studio) for his encouragement and teaching which enabled me to create and accomplish the movements for this inspired prayer. It was truly an amazing time for me as I felt God's Presence as well as a connection with all those present.

I conducted workshops for both ends of the spectrum in October, beginning with a program for the St. Francis Seniors group. They were a lovely group of men and women who fully embraced this form of worship. I was privileged once again to be God's vehicle in touching some of them deeply as they connected with God in a new way. Thanks to Scott Wright at St. Francis for this opportunity. The senior presentation was followed the next week by a series of programs for the children in the St. Francis religious education program. I was truly blessed to guide approximately 300 children ages 5 through 10 in a new way of praying. The littlest ones were so open and free to express themselves to God in ways that brought tears to my eyes. I am grateful to Ellen Ward, Religious Education Director at St. Francis, for this opportunity to present my workshop as well as her assistance in providing music.

New business booked this month includes participation in a Women's Wellness Day in the middle of the state in January and a workshop for the women at St. Columbine's on Valentine's Day. Additionally I will be participating at another women's retreat at Manresa this Saturday. My focus for November will be intensive marketing with all my new materials as I seek to fill out my schedule for the coming months as well as researching health insurance options. I thank you all for your continued prayers, support and encouragement both personally and professionally.

Prayer in Motion...Let the Spirit move you!

October 5, 2003

Dear Family & Friends,
It's time to report in after another truly amazing month! I began September with my friend Sherry Perkins (Webwelder2002@yahoo.com) registering my domain name, Prayer-In-Motion.com. I also set up a business bank account for Prayer In Motion, LLC at TCF Bank and after a short summer break returned to dance classes (6 per week!) at Dance Theatre Studio. The owner, John Durbin, has been a godsend, allowing me to do computer and office work in exchange for classes.

At the rather insistent urging of my career counselor, Jim Danielski (Career Planning Specialists) I decided to send out a press release announcing my new business. Once again my friend Mary Shindell came to the rescue and helped me create an excellent one which I emailed to 25 newspapers, magazines and Christian radio stations. About this time it dawned on me that I was in great danger of missing the October 1st deadline to complete the coursework for my spiritual direction program, which would have delayed my commissioning another year I finally decided I couldn't do everything and turned the marketing over to God.

With God in charge, the most amazing things started to happen!!! My next door neighbor, Bill Mangold, who works for the Saline Reporter hand carried my press release to his editor. They agreed to run my picture and the entire press release in the September 25th editions of the Saline Reporter and Milan News-Leader. On September 15th the Ann Arbor News ran a short article under their New Business section. Steve Raphael, reporter from Business Direct Weekly, saw the article and tracked me down. He asked to interview me and through our various discussions and emails he created the most amazing story, even sending a photographer to the house. He really captured the essence of my spiritual journey and the support I've received from all of you, along with the stark realities of a business startup.

All the while the phone was ringing with people booking dates with me. I am scheduled to present a whole weekend workshop at Manresa June 4-6, and to provide an evening for the Sisters of Mercy associates at the end of April, and was asked to present a short introductory program at the last minute yesterday at a women's retreat at Manresa. Guided by the Holy Spirit I was also led to attend a taping at WMUZ, a Christian radio station, where I was interviewed briefly on the air by Robin Sullivan and had the opportunity to tape some of my story, hopefully to be shown at their 20th anniversary celebration on October 17th. God is an awesome marketer! I might just leave this part to Him!

And, in case you are wondering, I did write all 4 papers, completing the coursework requirements for the spiritual direction program with a few days to spare. We had an internship celebration mass where I was honored to present one of my prayerful dances to the class, giving back the gift of praying through movement that I had received through this program, to those who have walked with me on this journey. I will be officially commissioned as a spiritual director on Saturday, November 8th and will have an opportunity once again to share my gift of praying through movement with all of you who are able to attend.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and encouragement. Life has certainly been a wonderful adventure since taking this leap of faith!

Prayer in Motion....Let the Spirit move you!

August 31, 2003

Dear Family & Friends,
It is hard to believe it has been a month since Prayer in Motion became a reality. Thank you for all of your prayers, good wishes, and offers of support. I am truly blessed by so many who care so much for me!

No sooner had I sent my message out and offers for assistance and ideas came flooding in from many of you. My friend Mary Shindell offered to help me create a brochure to advertise Prayer in Motion. In a matter of hours we went from a plain sheet of paper to a very professional piece. Truly a miracle! Her husband Dav scanned in a picture from my studio dedication and painstakingly cut me out from the numerous people in the background to provide a temporary logo for the brochure. My friend Noraleen Renauer (Turning Point Life Coaching) spent hours helping me fine-tune the wording and my brother-in-law Bill Ternes (Great Copy Company) provided the printing and folding.

Even before I had a brochure though, my St. Francis family supported and received me lovingly. I met with Charline List, Director of Adult Education and was hired to present a parish-wide talk on Monday, January 19, 2004, followed by a Saturday workshop on February 7th at St. Francis. Then Scott Wright, Parish Social Ministry Director, met with me to present a short program to the St. Francis Seniors group on Tuesday, October 14th.

After talking to my home parish, it was time to move out to other locations. I was struggling with how to go about it, not having much marketing or sales experience under my belt. As the fear mounted I could only turn myself to prayer, calling on God who "got me into this!" to somehow keep me moving. In pretty short order my prayers were answered with an email "out of the blue?!" from my friend Karl Young, offering to share a marketing data base tracking system he put together. We met yesterday and armed with these tools, a short course on marketing & sales from the wisdom he has gleaned over the years, and some wonderful scriptures he put together for me to fight against the fear, I am ready for my initial marketing campaign! My target markets will be churches, retreat centers, women's groups and private schools

In addition to help in the sales and marketing area I have also been the recipient of a wonderful gift on the finance side of things. My friend Dave Myler (Myler and Associates) offered to consult with me on the startup aspects of my business. In a few short hours he gave me a course in Finance and Accounting 101 and filed the Articles of Organization with the state of Michigan. As of August 28, 2003, Prayer in Motion is now a Limited Liability Corporation, Prayer in Motion, LLC!

In addition to the above, I attended a seminar on starting your own business through the Small Business & Technology Development Center, set up a business email address (PrayerInMotionJT@aol.com) and changed the message on my home answering machine to reflect my new business. So, August has been a busy and productive month, one continually filled with God's Presence made manifest through all of you. Thank you for all the ways you continue to love, support and bless me!

Prayer in Motion...Let the Spirit Move You!

July 29, 2003

Dear Friends and Family,
I am writing to you all today to share some great news and to ask for your prayers and support. 

During the past 15 months of unemployment my focus has been on determining where my gifts, talents and interests lie while at the same time being open to God's call for my vocation.  This journey began at last summer's retreat where I was called to know God through movement in a new and exciting way.  Along with that came the building of my studio in the basement, teaching some workshops in this prayer form and an increase in the number of dance classes I was taking.  I enlisted the aid of a career counselor and took a battery of interest and aptitude tests.  All roads led me to the same destination. 

Throughout this time I prayed for God to reveal to me my chosen work.  I knew whatever that work was, it was the route that would lead to my greatest peace and joy.  My answer came in January, but it wasn't the answer I was looking for, so I kept praying and trying to ignore it.  I revised my resume, investigated various types of work and applied for positions I did not get.  During this time I also wrestled with a variety of physical problems - vertigo, neck and back spasms and headaches, as well as bouts of spiritual desolation as I felt abandoned with no "answer" from God.  But, as those of you know who have truly "been called" to their work, God does not give up easily. 

I came to my most recent retreat a few weeks ago with a single question, "What is my work, Lord?"  This time I had a most unexpected and powerful encounter with Jesus through music and movement, but seemingly no answer to my original question.  About a week later in prayer it finally hit me that this was indeed my answer.  Any prayer form that has so profoundly influenced my relationship with God and thus my resultant life, must be shared.  And indeed that is what God is calling me, and has been calling me, to do for my work. 

To that end I registered my new business, Prayer in Motion, with the county today!  As Prayer in Motion I will teach others to pray through movement, a powerful way to experience a connection with God.  I will also continue to do spiritual direction, another form of helping others develop a relationship with God to which I have felt a great calling throughout this year as well.  I am so excited to be doing work I truly enjoy and that makes a difference in people's lives!  I know that I will be successful in this venture in so far as I stay connected with God, which is where I ask for your prayers.  My work is just beginning and I am excited to share this journey with all of you who have supported me along the way!  

Prayer in Motion....Let the Spirit Move You! 


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